Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations

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As players go through Sniper Elite 5, they have the option to commence a task from a distinct location. These places are referred to as “starting locations.”

In total, Sniper Elite 5 consists of 8 missions, and each mission has multiple starting locations.

Below, there is a detailed guide to every mission’s starting point. 

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall

In Mission 1, ‘The Atlantic Wall’, there are  4 starting spots players can explore in total. Once you’ve completed the level, you’ll be able to access two of these sites.

There are still two starting points left for you to choose from in and around the little French town. The 4 locations are as follows:

The Atlantic Wall Starting Location 1: Submarine Deck

The Submarine Deck is the initial point from which the player can start their playthrough. It is the default entry that players can have access to when they first start the mission. 

It is crucial to remember that using the Submarine deck will require you to look through the game’s tutorial every time.

Hence, it is recommended that you use the other entrances in subsequent plays. 

The Atlantic Wall Starting Location 2: Interrogation Block

Following your meeting with your connection, Charlie, alias Blue Viper, you will immediately arrive at the next starting location.

Players cannot miss this location as it is quite simple to discover.

After the scene with her, head to the stairs and kill the opponent inside the room. Here you finally get your new starting location, which is the ‘Interrogation Block.’ 

The Atlantic Wall Starting Location 3: French Countryside

The northernmost point on the map is where you’ll find the French countryside. To reach the designated spot, keep heading towards the north, as shown on the map’s top. 

On the left, you will see a campfire encircled by some wooden boxes. The new starting point will be unlocked at the very moment the player lights up the campfire.

The Atlantic Wall Starting Location 4: Town Promenade

The Town Promenade is the last and final starting point of Chapter 1 on the map. Town Promenade is located in the southwest.

You may go to a Gazebo with an ocean view by following the route to the south. 

Furthermore, a trail through the shrubs leads to a tiny campsite. That place consists of another bonfire. To access the last location, light it up.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 2: An Occupied Residence

In Mission 2, ‘An Occupied Residence,’ the players can choose from 3 different starting locations. The player gets access to one of three locations upon their first playthrough.

At the same time, they will discover the other two starting locations in and around the Chateau.

An Occupied Residence Starting Location 1: Forest Clearing

The Forest Approach is the initial starting point through which players can enter Chapter 2. Forest clearing can be used as a default entrance on your initial go-through of the task.

An Occupied Residence Starting Location 2: Munitions Farmhouse

The level’s east and west regions contain the remaining two starting locations. The Munitions Farmhouse can be found in the west. 

The player can discover the location that the opposition used to gather information if he/she moves as per the location shown on the map.

Finally, the player has to open the golden gate that is located at the backside of the farmhouse in order to unlock the second starting point.

An Occupied Residence Starting Location 3: Chateau Stables 

The name of the third starting location refers to the German camp, which is established around Chateau’s stables. Chateau Stables is located in the northeast. 

When you arrive at the camp, head towards the brick wall on the right. There, the player would see a campfire.  Chateau Stables can be unlocked by lighting that campfire.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 3: The Spy Academy

In Mission 3, ‘The Spy Academy,’ the player can choose from 3 different starting locations.

He/she can discover two of the starting locations in and outside the academy, with one of them being given to you as a default entrance upon playing for the first time. 

The Spy Academy Starting Location 1: Beaumont Marshland

The Beaumont Marshland is the very first starting point you can explore in Chapter 3. Beaumont Marshland is the default entrance, whose access you will receive on your first play.

Beaumont Marshland’s location puts you far away from the Spy Academy. That means in order to unlock the other two locations. The player needs to cross the beach as well as the bridge. 

The Spy Academy Starting Location 2: Town Hall

The remaining two starting locations are located in opposite directions on the map. The Town Hall is marked to the east.

To get access to Town Hall, the player needs to navigate through the small settlement at the bottom of the academy. 

There is a steel door hidden in a wall. That door takes you to the beach. You can unlock Town Hall starting location by interacting with the steel door. 

The Spy Academy Starting Location 3: Smugglers’ Landing

Smugglers’ Landing is located on the opposite side of the map, which is in the west. At Smugglers’ Landing, the player would find the vehicles of the German leaders. Those vehicles are your mission targets. 

At the place, the player would find another steel door, this one heading down to a pier. Interaction with the steel door allows the players to use this unlocked entrance in the following mission 3 gameplay.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 4: The War Factory

In Mission 4, ‘The War Factory,’ players can unlock 3 starting locations in total. You will get access to one of these locations once you complete the task for the first time.

The player has to discover the other two starting spots all around this factory.

The War Factory Starting Location 1: Resistance Safehouse

The Resistance Safehouse is the first starting point you can locate in Chapter 3. Resistance Safehouse is the default entrance used by the players to initiate the mission.

The location would take you to a safe house run by the Opposition with a view of the War Factory. 

Here you can pick up a piece of special equipment called the Rat Bomb and receive a general picture of the area you are entering to complete the mission.

The War Factory Starting Location 2: Scrapyard Overlook

Scrapyard Overlook is the first of the two locked starting locations. Scrapyard Overlook location can be found near the northernmost point on the map.

At the location in the north, there is a scrapyard full of discarded metal components.

A tiny encampment with a campfire is located in the northern portion of this region. Scrapyard Overlook can be revealed when you interact with the campfire by lighting it up. 

The War Factory Starting Location 3: Trainyard Office

On the track that runs along the western edge of the factory is where you’ll find the Trainyard office starting location.

The players are required to follow the trails headed towards the south until they arrive at the exact location on the map. 

A locked door will be there, which you can unlock using a flathead screwdriver or by breaking the lock. When the door is opened, the room will be the Trainyard office.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5: Festung Guernsey

In Mission 5, ‘Festung Guernsey,’ players can choose from 3 different starting points. You can locate the two starting locations around Coastal Base.

The player would receive one of the three starting locations upon their first playthrough. 

Festung Guernsey Starting Location 1: Hommet Cove

Hommet Cove is the first starting point you can access in Chapter 5. Hommet Cove is the standard entrance that players will receive while playing for the first time. 

Hommet Cove takes the player to the coast, where they should first pass through a cave that is located in the southernmost region of the map.

Festung Guernsey Starting Location 2: Roadside Houseyard Overlook

The Roadside Houseyard Overlook is the second specified starting location. The place is located to the east and straight to the south, where there is a construction zone. Here you find the Kill List to proceed with the mission. 

 Roadside Houseyard Overlook is located inside a locked farmhouse. In order to get into the attic, the player is required to get some help from the vines. 

Once you manage to get inside, descend to the ground floor and use a flathead screwdriver or a lockpick to unlock the closed door to access  Roadside Houseyard Overlook.

Festung Guernsey Starting Location 3: Countryside House

The Countryside House is the third starting location in Mission 5. Countryside House is situated in the northeast, close to an extraction spot.

The players would locate another house like the one they entered earlier, above the exact construction spot mentioned above. 

To unlock Countryside House, the player again needs the vines in order to get into the building and unlock the door.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 6: Liberation

In Mission 6, ‘Liberation,’ other than the default starting location, which is ‘Glider’s Clash,’ the players have to unlock a total of two starting places that are located around the small French village. 

Liberation Starting Location 1: Bridge Charlie

Bridge Charlie is the first locked starting location that the player needs to unlock in Mission 6. The place is located in the north, where a roadblock has been placed on the bridge. 

You will need to sneak into the farmhouse by either using bolt cutters or a door pick in order to unlock the Bridge Charlie. 

Liberation Starting Location 2: Riverside House

In the west, where there is a bridge that is guarded by snipers, the players will discover Riverside house.

They will need to approach the mansion in the southernmost region from the west. 

Here you find the Riverside house Starting Location. To unlock the location, you have to light the bonfire. 

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7: Secret Weapons

In total, there are three beginning locations that can be unlocked in Mission 7.

The player receives one of these starting locations, through which the player can find the other two in and around this covert German base.

Secret Weapons Starting Location 1: Facility Overlook

You unlock Facility overlook as the standard starting location when you first start the game. From here, the player would start their trip through the level.

You’ll have to board a train and travel across a bridge to begin testing the secret weapons.

Secret Weapons Starting Location 2: Lake Overlook

To the west is where you’ll start Lake overlook level. The castle is located in the southwest. Follow the route that leads you to the castle.

One among the different castle towers has a zip line that descends to the land.

You’ll find a campground close to the mountain’s edge if you follow it all the way to the bottom. You must light the campfire located here in order to unlock Lake overlook starting location.

Secret Weapons Starting Location 3: Abandoned House

The Abandoned House is the last starting location that is situated on the other side of the map. As you get closer, you’ll have to climb up a pipe on the south side of the demolished structure. 

After climbing up the pole, the player comes across a sealed blue door. To unlock it, they need a set of wire cutters or a lockpick. Once you manage to open the door, the Abandoned House will be revealed.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 8: Rubble And Ruin

In the eighth mission, you’ll get access to one default starting location that is referred to as ‘City Limits.’

Through this default location, the player can initiate his/her gameplay and can unlock the rest of the two starting locations that are situated in this shattered city.

Rubble And Ruin Starting Location 1: Sea View Offices

In the southeast region, players would find the office building. On the second floor, the player would come across a blue door. 

In order to unlock Sea Views’ office starting location, he/she needs to simply open that blue door. Here you’ll also get a supply cache where you may replenish any worn-out equipment.

Rubble And Ruin Starting Location 2: Resistance Cafe

The second and the last locked starting location for Mission 8 is a café on the western edge of the city. Once more, players have to discover a ledge on the second floor and climb up onto it.

The ledge takes you to a hallway where you’ll find another blue door.  To access the Resistance cafe starting location, the player needs to open the blue door.


Hope you get a clear understanding of every starting location that is there in all 8 missions of Sniper Elite 5.

This guide surely helps the players out in finding the way to unlock all the starting locations straight away without any confusion.