Fix: Instagram Keeps Asking For Birthday 

To make Instagram a safer place for its users, the platform keeps introducing changes in its features and policies. 

Like several other social media platforms, Instagram requires users to attain at least the minimum age of 13 years to access it.

Asking for the date of birth facilitates this check also. However, new users have to provide their date of birth at the time of creating their Instagram accounts. So, this DOB verification is for existing users.

Why Is Instagram Keep Asking For Your Birthday?

Instagram keeps asking you about your birthday because it wants to make sure that your current age meets the minimum-age requirements of Instagram. 

In most countries, it is essential for users to be at least thirteen years old if they want to have an Instagram account. So, to prevent underage people from using the platform, Instagram asks you for your birthday.

In case you have created an Instagram account devoted to some brand, hobby, pet, etc., even then, you will need to verify your birthday when asked.

Should You Put Your Real Birthday On Instagram?

Yes, it would be best to put your real birthday on Instagram. The more advanced Artificial Intelligence based algorithms on Instagram can now easily detect your current age.

So, providing a fake date of birth will not work here and may get reported.

However, Instagram also provides you an option to edit your birth date if it is entered incorrectly earlier. But birthdates can be modified only a limited number of times.

Providing your birth date will benefit you in many ways. Moreover, your birthday will not be shown to anyone on the platform, irrespective of whether you have a private or public account.

Providing your real age helps you get a safer and better experience on the platform and helps the application serve its youngest community members with age-appropriate content.

For instance, if an under 18 user (or under 16 in some countries) creates a new Instagram account, Instagram creates it as a private account by default.

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What If You Don’t Want To Add My Birthday To Instagram?

If you don’t add your birthdate to your Instagram account even after several reminders, then your account may get banned.

In addition, if your age is found to be less than 13 years, then Instagram will deactivate or delete your account.

Instagram has begun to take age verification very seriously. It is now mandatory for the users to provide their actual birthdate when asked by Instagram.

So, you don’t have a choice as you cannot bypass the newly updated age-verification prompt on Instagram.

Your provided age should be real, as Instagram can cross-check it. By analyzing the birthday wishes you receive or with the help of the various games or apps linked to Facebook, where you would have provided your age, Instagram can easily find out your real age.

In case it is found to be below 13 years, then you may lose your account.

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Instagram will keep on asking about your birthday until you add it. Instagram will stop sending you the prompts for adding your date of birth once you provide your date of birth.

If your Instagram account is banned or removed for not providing your real date of birth or for being below 13 years old, then you have the option to file an appeal for the same.

If you are found to be above 13 years of age, only then can you get your banned account back.