How To Sell MetaUFO Token? | Swap MetaUFO To BNB

MetaverseUFO (MetaUFO) is a decentralized gaming platform with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi functionality like staking.

The combination of the virtual world with the real world gives us new experiences and opportunities.

MetaverseUFO(MetaUFO) will be the sole currency of the entire ecosystem. MetaUFO aims to change the world through financial, technical, and perceptive endeavors – ultimately populating the next frontier.

MetaverseUFO(MetaUFO) players can participate in UFO Gaming by minting playable characters in the form of NFTs called MetaUFO.

This is done by farming the in-game utility points with the native MetaUFO token. With MetaUFO, players battle against a hostile alien race in a scavenged world to defend world peace and tranquility while earning rewards for completing daily quests.

MetaverseUFO(MetaUFO) can also be leveled up and later sold on the MetaUFO Gaming marketplace. You can get more information from the Doc.

MetaverseUFO(MetaUFO) is based on Binance smart chain, so it is recommended that you use Trustwallet or Metamask wallet to participate in IDO.

How To Sell MetaUFO Token On Trust Wallet?

To sell the MetaUFO token on the Trust wallet, first, you have to swap the MetaUFO token with BNB on PancakeSwap then you have to convert BNB with the Stable coin BUSD. After that, you can withdraw fiat currency on Binance.

MetaUFO token cannot be sold on Trust Wallet directly like other major cryptocurrencies. MetaUFO needs to be swapped with BNB first and then you can sell your BNB on Trust Wallet.

Steps to sell MetaUFO token on Trust Wallet:

Step 1: Log Into The Trust Wallet

First login into Trust Wallet Account in your mobile app. Make sure you have sufficient MetaUFO tokens available for swap.

Step 2: Go To DApps Option

To swap your MetaUFO token, go to DApps option, which will be at the bottom right corner of your mobile screen in case you are using the Trust Wallet mobile app.

Step 3: Search For The PancakeSwap Option

In DApps, search for PancakeSwap from the given list. Select PancakeSwap to swap your MetaUFO token. After selecting PancakeSwap, it will redirect you to the webpage of PancakeSwap.

Note: When you reach the webpage of PancakeSwap, check the top right corner. There will be a symbol, click on that to check whether it is a Smart Chain or not. If not, then select the Smart Chain from the list.

Step 4: Selecting BNB For Swapping

Generally, BNB is given as the by default choice to swap with. If any other crypto is given, then select that and a list will show up. Select BNB from the list.

There will be a downward arrowbelow the box; click on that. This will swap the position of the options of Cake and BNB. The cake will come up and the BNB will go down.

Select the Cake option and then the app will ask you to enter the token which you want to swap. Enter the contact address for MetaUFO which is mentioned below i. 

MetaUFO Contract Address: 0x43a172c44dC55c2B45BF9436cF672850FC8bA046

MetaUFO option will show up after entering the address. Select that.

Note: Only enter the contact address; do not write MetaUFO.

Step 5: Entering The Amount Of MetaUFO To Be Swapped

Now, you will be asked to enter the amount of MetaUFO token you want to swap. Enter the amount and check the exchange amount of the crypto with which you are swapping MetaUFO. 

Note: When you enter the amount of MetaUFO, the exchange value of BNB will be shown in the box under the BNB option.

Step 6: Complete The Swapping Process

Click on the Swap button. The page will ask again to confirm the process. Click on the Confirm Swap button to complete the process. Wait for a few minutes to see the swapped amount is credited.

Now, when you are done with swapping MetaUFO with BNB, you can go for selling it on Trust Wallet.

Note: Before the swap button is enabled, you have to enable MetaUFO. To do this, just click on the “enable MetaUFO” button on the left side of the “Swap” button.

Step 7: Convert BNB Into A Stable Coin

Firstly the BNB needs to be converted into a stable coin. To convert the BNB, you need to go to the option called Dex in the Trust Wallet and there you have to select BNB to convert it to BUSD, which is a stable coin.

Step 8: Input The Amount And Withdraw

You have to input the amount of BNB you want to swap with the BUSD. After entering the amount, click on the Swap

Next, you have to select the BUSD and then click on the Send to Withdraw.

Now, a pop-up will show up which will ask you to fill in the “Recipient’s address” or you can also scan the QR code shown on the screen.

Step 9: Deposition Of BUSD

Now, go to your Binance account and choose BUSD as your deposit currency by clicking on the deposit button.

Check that you are in the “correct network” on the “exchange” and copy the “Binance receive/deposit address”.

Step 10: Complete The Swap

After copying the deposit address from Binance account and go back to your Trust Wallet page where you left.

Paste the copied address at “Recipient’s address” and continue the process. Now the amount of BUSD will be transferred to the “Binance centralized exchange wallet”.

Step 11: Withdrawal Of The BUSD From The Binance Account

After the amount is transferred to your Binance account go to your account and click onto the “Withdrawal Fiat” button which will be at the upper right–hand corner.

Now, the page will ask you to select the fiat currency in which you want to withdraw. Then you have to enter the amount of BUSD you want to withdraw.

In the end, the page will ask you to input the bank details. There will be a beneficiary section, under which you will find an option named “add new card”. 

Enter your card number and complete the process. This is how the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

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How Much Time It Takes To Swap MetaUFO With BNB?

To Swap MetaUFO token with BNB on Trust Wallet will take around a few minutes only. In rare cases, it can take up to Hours.

Because of the platform’s simplicity, swapping the MetaUFO token for BNB on Trust Wallet is a rather simple job. 

The Swapping procedure is quick, only a few minutes, but it may take a little longer to be approved and the credited money to appear in the Trust Wallet.

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Why Can’t I Swap MetaUFO With BNB?

Sometimes while swapping MetaUFO token with BNB on PancakeSwap may get failed. After clicking the Confirm Swap button, an error message shows up. 

In that case, decrease the amount of MetaUFO you want to swap and then try to swap it with BNB again. If the error message shows up again that means the liquidity of the token is still locked. 

Another reason may be BNB demand is extremely high. So, in this case, wait for some time and try again.

One more reason that you are not able to swap the MetaUFO token with BNB is that the MetaUFO token is not available to unlock. So in this case wait for the date when the MetaUFO token will be available to unlock then you can swap and sell the MetaUFO token.

You have to wait for a while and try the process again from the beginning. The swapping will not be completed until the liquidity of the token gets unlocked. The user has nothing to do until it gets unlocked.


This article has detailed information regarding the swapping or selling process of MetaUFO tokens on Trust Wallet. 

MetaUFO token can be swapped very easily with the BNB on Trust Wallet but sometimes errors in the swapping process occur. 

When the swapping process fails, the users are requested to retry using a lesser amount of MetaUFO. 

If it still does not work, that means the liquidity of the token is still locked and the user has no option in their hand but to wait for the liquidity to be unlocked. 

They can try to swap their MetaUFO token through the same process later. The process generally takes a few minutes to complete and is also free of cost service.