How To See Sent Friend Requests On BeReal

BeReal is another popular social media platform used by Gen Z.

On the platform, users are required to post pictures of whatever they are doing in a window of 2 minutes.

The application has fascinated a lot of users because of its intriguing concept.

On BeReal, you can send friend request to anyone or your friends and those can send you friend request also.

As lot of peoples having difficulties to find the friend request request they have sent.

If you are interested to know how to see sent friend request on BeReal, you can easily do.

In this article, we will discuss how to see sent friend friend requests on BeReal.

How To See Sent Friend Requests On BeReal?

Steps to See Sent Friend Requests on BeReal:

Step 1: Open BeReal app on your device either Android or iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Icon (Representing two humans) which is located on top left corner

step 1 BeReal friends

Step 3: After that 3 options will appear at the bottom: Suggestions, Friends and Requests

step 2 BeReal friends

Suggestions Tab: Suggestion tab will suggest friends from your activity and your contact list

Friends Tab: Friends tab will having all your friends whom you added or you received friend request.

Requests Tab: Requests tab will having all friend request peoples sent you to add in friend list.

Step 4: Now, Under Requests tab you will see all friend requests you got.

Step 3 BeReal friends

Step 5: Now, to see your sent friend request on BeReal,Tap on SENT which is located in front of “FRIEND REQUEST“.

See Sent Friend Requests on BeReal 2

After that you will see all friend request you have sent.

Currently, you can see one friend request “SONISH“. Because I have sent only one friend request.

When you click on that friend request or the name, you will see below screen with “Pending” and “Cancel friend request“.

See Sent Friend Requests on BeReal 3

On BeReal, Pending means you sent the friend request but that person has not accepted your friend request till now.

If you want to cancel friend request, Simply tap on “Cancel friend request” button.

After clicking on “Cancel friend request“, your sent friend request will be canceled.

How To Know If Someone Denied Your Friend Request On BeReal?

If someone denied your friend request then you will not get any notification.

If someone declined your friend request, that person will be removed from your sent friend request list.

If that person accept your friend request then that person will be added into your Friends list.

Friend Request on BeReal accept

If someone decline your friend request then that person will not be visible in sent friend request tab neither in Friends Tab.

If that person is not available in none of list (sent friend request tab, Friends Tab) means that person declined your friend request.

Do BeReal Friend Requests Expire?

No, BeReal friend don’t expire. Once you sent friend requests they will stay forever until either you canceled them or that person declined that.