BeReal Time Prediction 

BeReal is a photo-sharing app on the rise that encourages users to share what they’re doing at a random point in the day with friends.

Bereal users receive a notification at a random point in the day where they have two minutes to take a photo of what they are currently doing.

The app uses both the front and back cameras to show what you are doing. It captures the realities of everyday life rather than creating the perfect snap which you send to your friends.

You can’t see the BeReal of your friends and other users until you send a BeReal once in a day.

Can We Predict The Time Of Getting The BeReal Notification?

The answer is definitely no, there is no BeReal Predictor tool. BeReal time for posting is not fixed, it differs from zone to zone.

As the name app suggests, Be Real means you have to post at random times when a notification arrives, there are very few filters in this app. 

So nobody knows and can predict the time in the BeReal app for each day in advance. It’s really fun to send photos of what you’re doing at a random time in the day.

Does The BeReal Time Changes Everyday?

Yes, Bereal time changes every day, it is not fixed when you get the notification to post a photo on BeReal.

But you can choose the time zone according to your choice.  In BeReal we have four different time zones which are America, Europe, East Asia, and West Asia.

BeReal notifications are sent to all users in each BeReal zone simultaneously.

Most probably we get notifications in the daytime. BeReal keeps its notification times secret.

Is The BeReal Time Random?

Yes, BeReal Time is Random. Nobody knows the time of BeReal notifications in advance since it differs daily and is chosen randomly. 

This is the core concept of the BeReal App to send notifications to share posts randomly each day at different times.

So we can’t predict the time of BeReal in advance as it changes randomly every day.