How To Get Free Stars On Facebook

Facebook stars are actually for gamers and steamers. If you are playing a game on Facebook, you need to get set up in the creator studio. 

Stars are like a donation or support that fans give to their favourite streamer on live videos.

The stars are expanding from live broadcasts to reels, on-demand videos and much more.

To get more stars you need to connect to more people and engage them on your live videos and Facebook content.

Before starting to earn money with Stars, you need to enable the feature on your Page. 

Before you start the process, you should have your bank account information and tax forms ready. And fulfil the eligibility criteria.

How To Get Free Stars On Facebook?

As to get stars people to need to purchase these, But if you need free stars you get these from your fans.

If you are their favourite gamer, or streamer they will send you free stars as support or donation.

You can also get stars on reels and other content on Facebook by your followers or fans.

Apart from that there is no such way to get free stars on Facebook.

How To Send Free Stars On Facebook?

To send free stars on Facebook you need to get free stars. As normally you need to purchase the stars on Facebook, But if you still searching to send free stars you need to follow the below steps.

First, you need to download the google opinion rewards app. After downloading, open it and answer some questions.

It may take a few surveys to get enough google play balance to make a purchase. After getting enough google play balance. 

Open the gaming page that you want to support. Click the star in front of the comment box. After that click buys or clicks get a star.

Pick the number of stars you want to buy. Make sure your payment method is google play balance and proceed with the payment. 

Now you have free stars and you can send them to support gamers, on reels or videos.

How To Send Free 75 Stars On Facebook?

When you are watching live video gamers who are streaming on Facebook you will have a custom start button, sometimes it appears after you have sent 35 stars by purchasing through google play. 

After the payment is successful, check again the custom star option appears. 

Now you send a custom, let’s say 75 stars to your favourite gamer.

That’s all you need to do to send free 75 stars on Facebook.