Sanjeev Barnwal Success Story

Snanjeev Barnwal Suucess Story

Sanjeev Barnwal is the founder and CTO of Meesho. Sanjeev Barnwal introduced the app Meesho in December 2015. The app made it so that it allows small businesses and individuals to start their online stores through social channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social apps.

Sanjeev Barnwal was born in Hazaribagh in Jharkhand in India. He completed his bachelor’s study of computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

Sanjeev Barnwal also created an app for visually impaired people to recognize the denominations of the Indian currency. Sanjeev Barnwal is the chief officer of technology. Sanjeev Barnwal is 32 years old.

Sanjeev Barnwal Success Story

Sanjeev Barnwal in his 18, took a gap year after school to join IIT. After that, he went to IIT-Delhi to study Electrical Engineering.

Sanjeev claims that he chose to engineer because he couldn’t think of anything else he wished to do with his life. After completing IIT, he went to Japan. There he worked as a part of the Core Tech Team of Sony. 

Sanjeev was happy at Sony and learned a lot during his time. But he couldn’t help feeling that he was supposed to establish his own business. Once he called his friend Vidit Aatrey, who was working at InMobi startup in Bangalore.

Sanjeev asked him if he could fix a position at InMobi. Vidit Aatrey replied why they don’t start a startup by themselves. So, after about a month, we decided to develop something on our own. In June 2015, he returned to India after both of them quit their positions. Even still, the startup’s concept had not been finalized at that moment. 

Initially, The two friends thought to build a fashion marketplace, in which the platform would focus on making sure all of the businesses. And customers used the app to experiment on products before purchasing them. The concept, however, did not catch on. 

Meesho was born then. They made contact with customers and tried to figure out why they weren’t purchasing. On the backend, their sellers were multi-brand stores at the time. They often go to shops and take photographs to upload to their app.

They were pondering what to construct. They worked seven days a week, and our concept of a weekend was a cheap drink in between coding sessions.

Meesho began operating out of a small two-bedroom flat in Bengaluru’s Koramangala neighborhood in late 2015. The dining table was Sanjeev and Vidit’s first workstation. Now with the emerging ideas and innovation, Meesho is India’s number one successful reselling app.

The founders have now upgraded from a two-bedroom flat to a four-story office in a prime location in Koramangala. The company employs over 500 people and has connected over 2,00,000 retailers throughout India.

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Sanjeev Barnwal Education

Sanjeev Barnwal is the founder and CTO of MEESHO. He got his bachelor’s from the Indian Institute of bachelor’s study of computer science from Delhi.

He is now a chief officer of technology. Sanjeev Barnwal was in Tokyo when he started receiving the interest of the Indian start-ups that wanted him to process with the natural language of processing (NLP).

Through which Sanjeev barnwal started his journey and saw that the ecosystem of India is starting up. He came back from Tokyo to India and co-founded the meesho in Bengaluru.  

Sanjeev Barnwal Net Worth

Sanjeev barnwal net worth is said to be about $2.1 billion or more than that.

Meesho Net Worth

Recently in April 2021, it was seen that MEESHO raised to about $300 million, which Softbank led, and it gained a value of $2.1 billion.

Is Meesho a Unicorn ? 

Meesho is the first Indian social commerce business to join the unicorn club, with a network of more than 13 million entrepreneurs.

Who Invested in Meesho? 

Meesho’s investors include Facebook, SoftBank, Sequoia Capital India, Y Combinator, and others. Meesho raised $300 million (about Rs 2,200 crore) in a new round of fundraising spearheaded by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 in April of this year, bringing its total valuation to $2.1 billion.


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