How To Migrate Saitama V1 To V2?

In June 2022, Saitama Token is migrated from V1 to V2. The main objective of migration to v2 is to upgrade the Saitama project to make it stronger and more sustainable for the future.

In this article, we will discuss How to Migrate Saitama V1 to V2, Benefits of Saitama migration and what the things you should take and you should know during Saitama token migration.

How To Migrate Saitama V1 To V2?

Steps to Migrate Saitama V1 to V2:

Step 1: Copy Saitama V2 Contract Address

First thing you have to do is copy the Saitama V2 Contract Address. You can find Saitama V2 Contract Address from Saitama website or find below.

Saitama V2 Contract Address: “0xce3f08e664693ca792cace4af1364d5e220827b2

Copy or double check Saitama V2 Contract Address only from Saitama official website before adding into your crypto wallet and don’t share seed phrase with anyone.

Also, If you entered wrong Saitama V2 Contract Address, you will not get new Saitama token, your Saitama token will be lost.

Step 2: Open Your Crypto Wallet

After copying the Saitama V2 Contract Address, open your crypto wallet. It can be MetaMask Wallet, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet.

  • For Coinbase Wallet Users: Open Coinbase Wallet, Go to ‘Settings‘ >> ‘Manage Assets‘ >> Click on ‘+‘ at top right corner.
  • For MetaMask Wallet Users: Open MetaMask Wallet and go to ‘Import Tokens‘ or ‘Add custom Token‘.
  • For Trust Wallet Users: Open Trust Wallet and go to ‘Add Tokens‘ or ‘Add custom Token‘.

Step 3: Paste Saitama V2 Contract Address

Now, Opening the Your Crypto wallet(Coinbase or MetaMask Or Trust Wallet), paste the new Saitama V2 contract address and also, fill other required details.

Step 4: Confirm All Information You Entered

After the entering Saitama V2 contract address and other required details, just double check or confirm all entered information once.

Because if pasted wrong Saitama V2 contract address then your new Saitama token will be lost.

Step 5: Saitama V2 Migration Completed Successfully

After verifying all details, click on ‘finish‘, Saitama V2 Migration Completed Successfully.

How Does Saitama V2 Migration Work?

Saitama team will take a snapshot of the blockchain to show how many Saitama you had in your wallet before the migration, and an equivalent amount of tokens will be airdropped to your wallet under the new contract.

These new tokens will have similar value in your wallet when we migrate liquidity from V1 to V2.

The V2 tokens will be delivered to your wallet through airdrop, which means they will be distributed without your intervention.

If you don’t see the new tokens in your wallet after the airdrop, please add the V2 contract address to your wallet manually and your tokens will appear. 

Saitama V2 Migration Benefits

The Pros of Saitama Migration to V2 includes:

  • Increase security by using multi-sig wallets and ensuring that the LP ownership
  • The ability to adjust the contract as the token and use cases improve 
  • The ability to change tokenomics in order to help  grow quicker and sustain that growth 
  • Eliminate the meme token category 
  • Reduce our supply and whitelist CEXs

Saitama V2 Migration Cost

You will not be required to pay anything. The Saitama Development Team will cover the whole cost of the move. You will receive your V2 tokens for free through airdrop.

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