How To Claim SuperStep Airdrop?

SuperStep Airdrop

SuperStep is a Move-to-earn DAPP enabled by a Game-fi mechanism that enables the ethical and constructive commercialization of fitness.

SuperStep’s mission is to promote a thriving community and influence a better society.

SuperStep is a fork of the popular M2E projects that includes innovative enhancements to their playstyles, features, accessibility, and earning potential.

In this article, we will explain about SuperStep Airdrop and how to claim SuperStep Airdrop.

How To Claim SuperStep Airdrop?

Steps to Claim SuperStep Airdrop:

Step 1: Open The SuperStep Airdrop Page

First thing you have to do is visit SuperStep Airdrop page.

Step 2: Register An Account

Now, create account on SuperStep for claiming the airdrop. Input you email and password to register

Step 3: Claim Your Airdrop

Click the “Register & Claim” button to claim, The SGMT tokens will be sent to your SuperStep account, click “Open”to view your NFT sneakers.

Note: SGMT tokens and NFT sneakers will be transferred to your wallet after launch.

How To Get Started With SuperStep?

Steps to Get Started With SuperStep:

Step 1: Join SuperStep Airdrop

When you visit SuperStep for the first time, you need to create an account to claim our airdrop; click the link below to proceed.


Please double-check your email address, you can’t change once the account is set up

Step 2: Find Your Airdrop

After creating an account, you can view your airdrop reward at the airdrop page or user dashboard.

Step 3: Earn More Rewards

You can earn BNB and SGMT rewards by inviting your friend, you can even participate in our group purchase event to earn 1 BNB money-back.

Step 4: Participate In Presale

Participate in SGMT presale with a group of 3 to get money-back, more details can be view here.

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Apart from SuperStep Airdrop, By referring SuperStep to friends, you may receive the followings rewards:

  • SGMT tokens. 200SGMT tokens per referral, no invitation limits.
  • Shoeboxes. Earn up to 21 shoeboxes by inviting your friends
  • Presale commission. Earn 10% commission in BNB from your friends’ SGMT purchases during presale.
  • Shoebox commission. Earn 10% commission in BNB from your friends’ Shoebox purchases.
  • Money-Back. Purchase 1BNB each with two of your friends to get BNB money-back.