How to Use Sad Face Filter on Instagram?

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then you might want to try using a filter on your Instagram reels/ posts.

The ability to filter out specific people, occasions, and emotions from your feed can help you to appear more authentic.

It essentially makes a picture of you with a sad face. You can use it to show your sadness or to hide something from prying eyes.

When you start using a crying filter on your Instagram reels, you will no longer be posting videos of your crying face. Instead, you will be using this filter to show people how much you are sad.

What is Sad Face Filter on Instagram?

Sad Face filter on Instagram allows you to feel sad although you are not sad. Sad face filter put sad expression on your face and it will feel like you are sad.

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You can share Sad filter reels with your friends and family or to your Instagram followers.

How to Use Sad Face Filter on Instagram?

Steps to use sad face filter on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram App

Step 1 Crying Filter on Instagram

Open the Instagram app and login with your credentials.

Step 2: Click on ‘+’ in Top Left Corner

Step 2 Crying Filter on Instagram

After login into Instagram app with your credential, Tap on the ‘+’ icon in top left corner to make video using sad face filter.

Step 3: Switch From STORY to REEL

Step 3 Crying Filter on Instagram

After clicking on ‘+’ icon, camera will be open. Now by default camera is opened for STORY.

Switch from STORY to REEL by clicking on REEL in bottom.

Step 4: Tap on “Effects”

Step 4 Crying Filter on Instagram

After clicking on REEL, now click on ‘Effects‘ to find the sad face filter.

Step 5: Search “sad face”

Step 5 Sad Face Filter on Instagram

After clicking on ‘Effects‘, a search bar will open where you can search which effect you want to use in your Instagram Reels.

Search ‘sad face’ in in the search bar to get the sad face filter.

You will get many sad face filter you will get. Explore one by one which one you want to use. Finalise one and share reel with that.

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After that click on video, to apply the sad face filter.

Step 6: Record Video by Clicking on Record Button

Step 6 Sad Face Filter on Instagram

After finalising the sad face filter, click on that filter. After cling on that filter, that sad face effect will be enabled in camera. Now, make reels and reels will be created with sad face effect.

Step 7: Click on Next

Step 7 Crying Filter on Instagram

After creating the real, click on next button. After clicking on next button, you can edit the video if you want.

If you don’t want to edit or after editing the video click on next button again.

Step 8: Share the Video

Step 8 Crying Filter on Instagram

After creating and editing the video, video is finally available to share. Now you can write the caption what you want to write.

You can also share in the feed also if you want. You can tag the people in this video, rename the video or add location also if you want.

After that finally click on share button. Your video/ reels will posted on Instagram with sad face filter.

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Now that you know how to use a sad face filter on Instagram, it’s time to start using it! First and foremost, use it when you feel like you need to show your upset or emotional state. But don’t forget to use it for comedic value too!

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