How to Use the Amber Heard Filter On TikTok?

amber heard filter tiktok

The crying filter trend started when Amber Heard was exposed and cried in court after seeing her video evidence. Here’s how to use the crying filter on Snapchat.

The Crying Filter is popular filter on TikTok. This filter makes you look like you’re having a teary moment.

With this filter, you can either choose to make your face appear as though you’re crying (which almost everyone can do), or you can use filters to make your eyes water, your nose run, or even cause your skin to break out in puddles of tears.

How to Use the Amber Heard Filter On TikTok?

Steps to Amber Heard Filter/ crying filter On TikTok:

Step 1: Open TikTok App

Open your TikTok app and login with your credentials.

Step 2: Go to Search bar from For You Page

Now, go to search bar from “For You Page”. to get the crying filter.

Step 3: Search “Crying filter”

1 crying face tiktok

After going to search bar, Search “Crying filter” in search bar and you will see “crying face” under effects. You have to click on this to use this effect.

Step 4: Tap on “Crying Face”

After searching for “crying face“, you will get “crying face” under effect, Choose any one effect from all the crying effect.

Step 5: Click on “Try This Effect”

2 crying face tiktok

After clicking on the “crying face” effect, Tap on the “Try This Effect” at the bottom to make video using crying filter on TikTok.

Now record your video and upload on TikTok.

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Amber Heard Filter Not Showing in TikTok App

If Amber Heard/ crying filter not showing in your TikTok app, you make sure you have latest version of TikTok app. If not update your TikTok App to latest version.

Another way to fix if crying filter not showing is to clear the TikTok app cache or install and reinstall the app.

if still not able to see crying effect in your TikTok, for alternative way you can create video using crying filter on Snapchat and download that video then upload on TikTok as we explained above step by step.


Now, we have explained two ways to use crying filter in your TikTok videos. Make videos using crying filter and go viral, gain followers.