Roblox: How To Get Magic Orb In Wacky Wizards?

Magic Orb In Wacky Wizards?

The game of Wacky Wizards is notorious for the different types of potions which you can use to shapeshift in the game.

Similarly, you can shape-shift into a buzzing bee and steal the magic orb from the large beehive in the Wacky Wizards.

 In order to do that, all you have to do is disguise yourself as a bee by drinking the bee potion. Next up, you have to sneak into the giant beehive where the Magic Orb is and collect the potion of the orb from brewing it in your pot.

We have discussed all the different aspects of the magic orb in the following sections of this blog. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Magic Orb In Wacky Wizards?

The Magic Orb in Wacky Wizards is an ingredient that, when mixed with other ingredients, certainly produces different results.

For instance, while some potions can help you become the orb itself, others can help you perform different activities using the orb.

Here are all of the commonly known uses of the Magic Orb in Wacky Wizards when mixed with other ingredients:

  • Magic Orb mixed with Paintbrush- You can brew a silver paint gun.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Ethereum Crystal- You can receive Orbiting Orbs.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Rotten Sandwich- You will start pooping Orbs.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Pool Noodle- You can get Orb arms.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Coconut- You can transform into a rolling Orb.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Brain- You can transform your head into a big Orb head.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Dynamite- You can make an Orb Grenade.
  • Magic Orb mixed with Fairy- You can fly an Orb.
  • Magic Orb- You can transform into an Orb.
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Roblox: How To Get Magic Orb In Wacky Wizards?

Follow the steps mentioned below to transform into a bee and sneak into the giant beehive to collect the potion for the Magic Orb:

Steps To Get Magic Orb In Wacky Wizards:

Step 1: Collect The Sleepy Bee Ingredient

In order to collect the ingredient of the sleepy bee, you have to enter the small tree, which is located near the hidden cave of OZ.

Here you will find a beehive with the Sleepy Bee ingredient. Collect the said ingredient.

Step 2: Toss The Bee Inside Your Cauldron

Return back to your Cauldron and toss the bee inside.

Step 3: Click On The Spawn Option

You will find the option to spawn the potion, do so and drink the potion.

Step 4: Find The Tallest Tree In Wacky Wizards And Fly To It

Now that you have transformed into a bee fly to the tallest tree in Wacky Wizards and fly to its entrance.

Step 5: Collect The Magic Orb Ingredient

Now all you have to do is collect the Magic Orb ingredient and fly back to your cauldron.

Step 6: Brew The Magic Orb Mixture

Press the Spawn option to brew the mixture for the Magic Orb. You will find that the Orb has appeared to you in just a few seconds. 

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The Magic Orb in the game of Wacky Wizards is up for grabs in the tallest tree in the region.

Once you collect the ingredient for the Magic Orb, you can brew the potion in your cauldron and use it in different combinations to obtain different results.

We have discussed all the known combinations to date in the previous section of this blog. Check it out to learn more about the features of the Magic Orb in Wacky Wizards.

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