How To Download Facebook Messages?

Messenger was once only used to communicate with friends. Its use of it has become commonplace for many businesses. 

Facebook Messenger chats can be used however you like, but having a backup outside of Facebook is always a good idea.  

When you have used Facebook Messenger extensively for communication with someone and 

want to refer to old texts between you two, scrolling through hundreds of old messages from

the past can be frustrating.

Thus, you can transfer all your messages to a word processor and search for them more easily

if you have a single file with all your messages. 

 It is fairly easy to download conversations from Facebook. The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading Facebook Messages.

How To Download Facebook Messages?

Steps To Download Facebook Messages:

Step 1: Open Your Facebook Account

Any device can be used to access your Facebook account. During this process, go to the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click “Settings“.

Step 2: Click On Facebook Information

Select “Your Facebook Information” and then click “View.” When the window opens, scroll down and click “Download Your Information.”

Step 3: Click On Deselect All

To clear all the check marks, click “Deselect All” when the window opens. The message box is to the right of “Messages.” Click it to select it.

If you leave the defaults, you will download everything if you want specific information about

the dates. The defaults were left in place.

Step 4: Click On Create File

Click the “Create File” button at the top of the page. Then click on it.

Your information will be copied. Now you wait for it to be created. If you choose to download a large amount of information, it may take some time.

A Facebook email may inform you that your request is being created.  

Step 5: Download The Messages

When you see the notification on Facebook, click it. This will bring you to a window where you can now download the messages.

Download your Facebook Messenger Conversations. Click “Download.” When the window opens, enter your Facebook password to download the file.

Step 6: Open The Downloaded File

You can open the downloaded file by double-clicking on it once it has been downloaded to the selected folder. After unzipping (extracting) the file, you can view the data. 

Click on the file named “index.html.” Two files are extracted: an HTML file and a folder titled “messages.”

Once you click on the file, Facebook will open where you can see all of your messages. Two files are extracted: an HTML file and a folder labeled “messages.” 

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By clicking “Delete” next to the file name you can delete any file copies. It is imperative to note that you will need to create a new copy if you need the same files in the future.

To view your messages, open the file and unzip it. When you right-click a file, you can choose “Extract all”. Online tools are also available.

You can extract files using several methods if you’re a Linux user. If you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux, you should use a third-party extraction tool.