How to Remove Card Details from Paytm?

Remove card details from paytm

If you want to delete card details from your Paytm account, we’ve got the information you need. In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to delete card details from your Paytm account. Clarity is important – let’s get started below!

Steps to remove card details from Paytm:

Step #1: Launch the Paytm app and unlock using your biometric identity. 

Step #2: Tap on the “Profile Picture” icon. 

Step #3: A sidebar menu will appear, tap on the “Payment Settings” option.

Step #4: Now, tap on the “Saved Cards” option.

Step #5: The next screen will list all your stored credit cards – unlinked cards will be greyed out and you can click to remove any cards that you no longer want to use.

Step #6: Your saved card will be removed from the Paytm app.


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