How To Redeem Whataburger Points

Whataburger now has its own rewards system called Whataburger Points.

If you really like Whataburger, you can earn these points by buying food there.

Then, you can use these points to get cool rewards.

This guide will show you how to use your Whataburger Points to get awesome stuff and enjoy your food even more.

Steps To Redeem Whataburger Rewards Points

Step 1: Enroll In Whataburger Rewards

Start using your Whataburger Rewards by signing up on their website or app first.

Just follow the steps to join the Whataburger Rewards program and get started!


Step 2: Earn Points on Every Order

Every time you order, you earn points.

You can order online, scan your code at the counter, or use the order ahead feature to collect points.

Step 3: Accumulate Points

how to redeem whataburger points1

When you enjoy Whataburger, your points go up, making you even more excited for cool prizes later.

Your points grow as you eat your favourite Whataburger treats.

Step 4: Access Rewards Options

How To Redeem Whataburger Points2

When you have enough points, check the “Rewards” section in the Whataburger app to see all the cool stuff you can get.

Step 5: Choose Your Reward

Take a look at the rewards and pick the foods you like the most, because your points let you choose an item of your choice.

Step 6: Redeem And Enjoy

Finish getting your reward in the app, and when you go to the store, enter your rewards code to enjoy your chosen treat without paying.