PS App Captures Not Loading? Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps

Are you unable to see your game captures in your PS App or are they taking long time to load?

Then you are not alone as many users have been struggling with this issue where they are unable to see their game captures in the PS app.

In this guide you will get to know why it is happening and how you can fix that issue so that your game captures shows up in your PS App.

Why Is PS App Captures Not Loading?

There might be several reasons why your PS captures are not loading such as your console is not linked to your PS device or the console is not in rest mode or it can be that the internet connection is not stable. 

Below are the reasons given in detail so that you can understand the issues that are causing the problem.

  • You might have forgotten to link your console to your PS device which makes it impossible for your captures to get into the App.
  • The console might not be in the rest mode which is preventing it from capturing the game feeds.
  • Your internet connection might be unstable or slow and thus might be the reason why you are not able to download and view your PS captures.

How To Fix PS App Captures Not Loading

To solve the issue of your captures not loading in your PS app you can follow the below mentioned steps and it should show up in your app.

Step 1: Check your internet connection thoroughly and make sure that it is stable and fast as the PS App needs a stable and thorough connection to work properly.

Step 2: First make sure that your device is linked to the console. To make sure of that you can just go to the Play station app and then open your PS account in there then you will need to select “Settings” and open the options where you will have to choose “Link Console App” and after this you will need to follow the instructions provided in the screen to link your device with your console.

Step 3: Make sure that your console is in rest mode because otherwise you will not be able to capture the game.

To do that just press on the PlayStation button on Dualsense controller and choose the Rest Mode.

Step 4: now you will have to enable “connected to the inter” from the settings to upload the game captures in your PS app.

Step 5: After that just choose to set the captures into auto upload by going to “Settings” and then navigating to “Captures and Broadcasts” and after that “captures” and then turn the “Auto upload”.

After doing the steps properly your PS captures should be loading in your PS App.

However in the case that is not happening you can restart your devices as an alternate method or uninstall and then reinstall the PS App and that should solve the issue.