Twitter Not Sending Verification Code? Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps

Twitter Not Sending Verification Code? Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps

Twitter Is one of the most popular apps when it comes to the social media platform.

The users can make small posts in twitter called tweets and communicate with their followers.

The users can also direct messages to each other through the app.

All these features of Twitter makes it an interesting app to its users  which attracts them to keep using it.

For the better safety of its users twitter have also enabled two factor authentication through which the users will be sent a verification code in their phone number and the user will have to put that code in the twitter verification system to gain access to their accounts.

The two factor authentication makes the users feel more safe about their account by adding two lawyers of security in their account.

Why Is Twitter Not Sending Verification Code?

Below are some possible reasons why Twitter not sending verification code:

  • You may be using a phone format not compatible with Twitter verification systems such as landlines and  burner phones.
  • The phone network of your area might be unstable due to which you might not be able to get the verification code.
  • You may have unknowingly blocked the “40404” numbers through which Twitter sends the verification code to its users.
  • The phone number could have originated from a country that Twitter does not support which makes the number unable to receive the code.
  • The Twitter app in your phone may have collected junk files in its Cache which makes it difficult for the app to run smoothly.

How To Fix Twitter Not Sending Verification Code?

To fix Twitter not sending verification Code, Make sure that the phone format used by you is supported by Twitter and also check whether the phone number comes from a country that is not supported by Twitter.

As an alternative you will also have to make sure that the numbers “40404” are not blocked in your phone.

Below are the solutions given in greater details for you to solve the issue by following them.

Fix 1: Check Your Phone Format

Sometimes it happens that the phone format that is being used by you is not supported by Twitter for example the burner phones and landlines.

In such cases you should make sure that the number that you have provided to the Twitter’s verification system has a phone format that is supported by Twitter.

Fix 2: Check Whether You Have Blocked The “40404” Numbers

You may have unintentionally blocked the “40404” numbers that are used by Twitter to send messages.

In such cases you can just unblock them and they will function properly by sending you the verification code from Twitter.

To unblock the number in an Android phone please follow the given sequence below.

Open Phone app> Go to the three dots icon > settings >Blocked number> now you will need to select the “X” icon and then “Unblock” the number 40404.

If you want to unblock the number from an iphone then please follow the below mentioned steps.

“Settings” >”Phone”> “Blocked Contacts” > “Edit” and then tap on the “-” icon on the numbers 40404. 

Fix 3: You Should Check The Origin Of The Phone Number That You’ve Registered In The Twitter Account

The phone number that you have registered in your twitter account may come from a country that Twitter do not support.

In such a case the phone number will have to be changed to a number from a country that is supported by Twitter so that you can receive the code.

Fix 4: Delete The Cache Files Of Twitter

You can also delete the cache files of your Twitter app as an alternative method.

Many a times the app can not function properly as it have collected many junk files in its Cache files.

To delete the files please follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to solve the issue.

“Settings”> “Apps” > “Twitter” > “Delete the Cache Files”.