How To Fix Pokemon GO Plus Plus Sleep Mode Red Light

Pokémon GO Plus Plus is a device that enhances the Pokémon GO gaming experience by allowing players to capture Pokémon and collect items without constantly looking at their smartphones.

One of the features of this device is the sleep mode, indicated by a red light.

This article will examine the meaning of the red light that appears in the Pokémon GO Plus Plus sleep mode as well as its origins.

What Causes Pokemon GO Plus Plus Sleep Mode Red Light?

The red light on the Pokémon GO Plus Plus has two main meanings. If the light blinks red, it means that your sleep record wasn’t saved properly.

This might be because you didn’t start the sleep session correctly or if something interrupted the tracking.

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The second reason for the red light is if your sleep session was too short, less than 90 minutes.

Pokémon GO needs you to sleep for at least 90 minutes to count it as a valid session for earning rewards.

To fix this issue, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the Pokémon Plus Plus using the app.

Make sure that your device has sufficient battery life for it to track your sleep.

How To Track Your Sleep Successfully?

To ensure the successful collection of rewards in Pokémon GO, make sure to enable the sharing of sleep data with the app.

This option can be found on the Pokémon GO Plus Plus settings page. Toggle it on to enable synchronization between the device and the game.

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Here are the steps to track your sleep successfully:

1. Initiating The Sleep Session

Before going to sleep, follow these steps to start a sleep session using the Pokémon GO Plus Plus device:

  • Hold down the Main Button on the Pokémon GO Plus Plus until the indicator light flashes blue and a lullaby plays. This signifies the initiation of the sleep session.
  • Note that the Pokémon GO Plus Plus must be paired with Pokémon GO but not actively connected for gameplay to initiate a sleep session.

2. Ending The Sleep Session

Upon waking up, you need to properly end the sleep session to ensure accurate tracking. Follow these steps:

  • Hold the Main Button on the Pokémon GO Plus Plus until the indicator light flashes multicoloured lights. This indicates the end of the sleep session.
  • If the indicator light flashes red during this step, it suggests an unsuccessful sleep log recording or a sleep session shorter than 90 minutes.

3. Transferring Sleep Data And Collecting Rewards

To claim your sleep rewards in Pokémon GO, you must transfer the sleep data from the Pokémon GO Plus Plus device. Here’s how:

  • Log into the Pokémon GO app on your smartphone.
  • Reconnect the Pokémon GO Plus Plus device to your phone. This will initiate the transfer of sleep data to the app.
  • Once the transfer is complete, you will be able to collect your rewards within the Pokémon GO game.