OpenAI ChatGPT Login Not Woking? Reasons & Fixes

Is OpenAI ChatGPT not working for you?

Are you not able to login into ChatGPT?

As many peoples reported that they are getting stuck in loop back error while they try to login into OpenAI ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a dialogue-based AI chatbot  that can understand real human language and generate remarkably detailed human-like written content.

ChatGPT is a new dialogue-optimized AI model developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT can respond to follow-up questions, acknowledge errors, challenge false assumptions, and reject improper requests.

ChatGPT is sensitive to changes in the input style or repeated attempts at the same prompt.

In this article, we will discuss why ChatGPT login not working and how to fix it.

Why Is ChatGPT Login Not Working?

If you are not able to login into ChatGPT then there is possibility that OpenAI ChatGPT server is overloaded.

Because There might be lot of peoples are using ChatGPT at current time.

The issue seems to start whenever I was tries to login into ChatGPT account.

When Click on login button, they are sent back to the login screen.

This continues to happen after several tries and the use of numerous accounts from different platforms, including mobile.

Okay bro I can’t login to use ChatGPT what’s going on @OpenAI it tells me to login signs in but brings me straight back to the login page

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So ChatGPT is overloaded and not accepting my login. Given all the buzz, I’m impressed that the free mode lasted this long. Obviously, some kind of paid access model is next. Just hope it’s one I can afford.

“Being stuck on ChatGPT login page for the last 2 days”

How To Fix ChatGPT Login Not Working?

1. Check Verification Email From OpenAI

If you are trying to login into ChatGPT first time then first check verification mail is sent by OpenAI.

First you have to verify your email by clicking on the link sent by OpenAI.

After that you will be able to login into ChatGPT otherwise follow below solutions.

2. Wait For Sometime

There is possibility that ChatGPT is currently used by many peoples and its overloaded.

If this is the scenario then you have to keep trying till you will able to login into ChatGPT.

Or try ti login after sometime when ChatGPT server is less overloaded.

2. Use Correct Authentication Method

Make sure you are using the correct authentication method for login into ChatGPT.

You will need to log in using google login, if you choose to “Continue with Google” while signing up.

OpenAI currently doesn’t support changing authentication methods.

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4. Clear Your Browser Cache And Cookies

Sometimes, the OpenAI ChatGPT login not work by outdated or corrupted data in your web browser’s cache and cookies.

To fix this, try clearing your cache and cookies in your browser and then refreshing the OpenAI website.

5. Try Accessing The OpenAI Website From A Different Web Browser

If you’re still unable to access the OpenAI ChatGPT, it’s possible that there is a problem with your web browser.

Try accessing the OpenAI from a different web browser to see access denied error fixed or not.

6. Contact OpenAI’s Support Team

If you’re still unable to access the openAI ChatGPT after trying the above fixes then you should contact OpenAI’s customer support team.

They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and provide further guidance.

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