Nicola Bulley’s Friend Shares 11 Facts To Stop Speculation/ Rumours/ Theories

As the search for Nicola Bulley enters its tenth day, the public remains eager for any updates and information surrounding the case. However, with so much speculation/ rumours/ theories and conflicting information circulating online, it can be difficult to know what to believe.

That’s why one of Nicola’s friends, Tilly Ann, has stepped forward to share 11 facts about her disappearance in an attempt to set the record straight and alleviate some of the speculation/ rumours/ theories and confusion surrounding the case.

Tilly said: “I want to start this post by thanking those who have shared and shared posts and who have been out looking and have created such a comfort to Nikki’s family. Absolutely incredible!

“However, I can’t sit back anymore and not act with regards the hurt and distress that is being caused by some very inappropriate comments. “

nicola bulley speculation

Tilly, with permission from Nicola’s family, has now shared 11 answers to questions which have been circulation on social media, and hopes that this will clear up any misinformation.

  1. Nicola and Paul both mostly work from home which is why he was at home that day and the house has CCTV.
  2. They both do this walk regularly and Paul is very well known in the community and very well recognised.
  3. The dog, Willow, never has her harness on for a chunk of that walk, it’s removed at the gate of the top field and then put back on at the gate when they
  4. They very rarely take the ball out for walks with Willow and haven’t done for a while because she is protective over the ball.
  5. Nicola would often put her phone on loudspeaker when talking.
  6. The dog was found very close to both the bench and the harness. The harness was found on the floor not on the bench.
  7. Nicola is an incredibly strong swimmer.
  8. She drove to the school to drop her two daughters off and then left her car there and walked to the river.
  9. The dog was dry when found.
  10. The dog has since been back.
  11. There’s CCTV at the back of the caravan park. The only camera that isn’t working is the one that would have seen everything.

Anybody who has seen Nicola Bulley, or has information about where she might be, is asked to call 101, quoting log 565 of January 30. For immediate sightings call 999.