How To Move Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom

Are you a Microsoft Outlook user?

Do you want to place your Toolbar in your Account In Left or at the Bottom of the screen?

After a Microsoft Outlook update, the Navigation Toolbar moved to the Left from the Bottom.

Many users are used to the bottom Toolbar. They are looking for the option to move the Toolbar back to the Bottom.

If you are also a user who wants to move the Toolbar to the Bottom, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will see all the possible options to move Microsoft Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom.

Why Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom?

Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom, like all other updates and new changes, Microsoft has changed the toolbar access from the Bottom to the side.

If you are wondering how to move the Navigation Toolbar to the Bottom, follow the below steps.

How To Move Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom?

Move Microsoft Navigation toolbar from left to the bottom Left
Move Microsoft Navigation toolbar from left to the bottom Bottom

They are two methods that help you to move the Outlook Navigation Tool Bar from Side To Bottom.

1. Modifying The Advanced Option In Microsoft Outlook

Move Microsoft Navigation toolbar from left to the bottom uncheck it

Follow the Simple Steps to move the Outlook Navigation Toolbar from to the Bottom

  • Go to the File Tab at the Top left corner of Microsoft Outlook
  • Click On options at the Left sidebar
  • Click on Advanced Section from the opened window
  • You will see an Outlook pan section in the left side panel, under which Show apps in Outlook are checked by default.
  • Mark Uncheck the Show Apps in Outlook
  • You will get a Required Restart your Microsoft Outlook window and Click on OK.

Now you can see the Microsoft Outlook navigation bar moved from Side to Bottom.

2. Modify Registry Editor File In Windows

Move Microsoft Navigation toolbar from left to the bottom New String Value

Be careful while modifying the Registry setting since it is the core file of Windows OS.

Any unnecessary changes affect the Whole Windows OS working status.

Even if it is a Temporary fix, you can try this out.

  • Click on Windows+R to open the Run command.
  • Type Regeidt and Click OK
  • Click Yes from the User account control window.
  • From the Registry Editor, Go to the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\ExperimentEcs\Overrides
  • From the Overrides folder, Find “Microsoft.Office.Outlook.Hub.HubBar” 
  • Double Click on It and set the value data to false, and Click OK.

If you cannot find the “Microsoft.Office.Outlook.Hub.HubBar” string value in this registry, You should create a new string value named “Microsoft.Office.Outlook.Hub.HubBar” in the location first.

To create it

  • Right Click on Overrides Folder
  • Click on New and Select String Value
  • Copy and Paste  “Microsoft.Office.Outlook.Hub.HubBar” in the text box.
  • Now double-click on it, Set the Value Data to False, and Click OK.
  • Close the registry editor and restart your Microsoft Outlook.

Now you can see the Microsoft Outlook Navigation Bar move to the Bottom of Microsoft Outlook.

You can disable the coming soon option by running Microsoft in Safe mode to avoid the coming soon feature to modify the current Microsoft file application.

However, the Toolbar navigation has already been updated. The option doesn’t work, but you can use it in the future.

If you don’t want the Microsoft Push update about the coming soon feature, follow the option below.

  • Press Windows+R to open Run Command Box
  • Input outlook.exe/ Safe in the text box and Click On OK
  • Unclick the Coming Soon feature option
  • If you cannot see the option, ignore it and close it.
  • Open your Microsoft Outlook, and you will see the Outlook go back to normal.

You will not get any push updates from Microsoft in the future. 

The update will reflect in Microsoft Outlook; only they officially roll out the new update.

The first solution Works well 100% in all Micro soft Outlook. 

If the first solution doesn’t work, then modify the registry setting. 

I hope you found this article useful, and with this knowledge, you can easily Move Outlook Navigation Toolbar From Side To Bottom.