How To Fix Midjourney Failed To Process Your Command C

Getting an error while processing the Command in Midjourney Bot and wondering how to fix it. Don’t worry. You have come to the right place.

AI innovation has empowered the advancement of computer-based intelligence-helped projects, for example, Midjourney, which permits clients to create pictures from prompts.

But the disadvantage here is not all clients can exploit the Midjourney stage’s maximum capacity, as many have experienced the following error message while running the command in the Midjourney bot-message box “Failed To Process Your Command c”

 We will talk about potential solutions to resolve this issue in this article.

Why Is Midjourney Failed To Process Your Command C?

while running orders on the Strife Midjourney Bot. We will talk about how to determine this issue in this article

The Error Midjourney Failed To Process Your Command C means the bot is experiencing a temporary error, such as an Internal server error, or there is an issue with your Discard app.

If the Discord app takes longer to respond than usual and doesn’t function properly, it will trigger the error.

The Midjourney Bot might be down in specific locations, and you cannot complete the process.

Here are the Possible solutions to fix the error.

How To Fix Midjourney Failed To Process Your Command C?

If you get the error for the first time, try resubmitting the command twice or thrice.

Are you getting the same error again and again? Then follow the steps below.

1. Check Midjourney Server Status

Check the server status first. Click the link here for Discord and Midjourney.

Mid Journey is still in beta, so it occasionally has problems, and Discord occasionally has issues that cause unwanted errors in the Midjourney bot.

Also, check with other users and forums whether they face the same issue.

If yes, don’t worry. The error will be reported to the mid-journey team and fixed automatically within 2 hours.

2. Restart Your Discord Application


If the ‘Midjourney Failed To Process Your Command c‘ error happens, one more method for fixing it is to restart the Discord application.

 Sometimes, there might be issues with the Discord application or the site. 

Whether you’re utilizing the application on your Phone or PC or the site on Chrome, shutting and returning the application or Chrome might settle the issue.

If you use Chrome, clear the cache memory and restart the browser.

Clear cache memory,

  • Press Ctrl + H on the keyboard and click on Clear browsing data.
  • Select All time in the Time range drop-down list
  • Mark the check box near History and Imaged Cache
  • Click on Clear data.
  • Close the Browser and Relaunch it.

Now Go to Your Discord account and check if the error is resolved.

If you are using an application, 

Close the application and all other background running programs and clear the temp file.

  • Press the Windows+R button on the keyboard
  • Type %temp% and click on Run Button
  • Delete all the files in the opened folder. Ignore if you cannot delete any of the files.
  • Now Restart your PC and Launch your Discord application to check whether the issue is gone.

If you are using the Phone,

  • Close the Discord application and other opened applications running background on your phone.
  •  Clear the junk files using the cleanup option on mobile.
  • Restart your Mobile and relaunch the Discord App and see if the error is gone.

3. Reset Your Midjourney Bot In Discord Application

Another method is Resetting your Midjourney bot in your Discord Account. 

That means you need to Uninvite the Midjourney server and Re invite it to the Discord Application.

To reset the bot, 

  • Open the Midjourney bot workspace in Discord on your PC and Tap on the downward arrow next to Midjourney. 
  • Click on the Leave Server Button to exit the server. 
  • Close the Discord Application and wait 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Go to and then click Join the Beta.
  • Now Launch your Discord Application and Click Accept Invite to rejoin the Midjourney server in Discord. 

Now you can generate the Pictures successfully in the Midjourney Bot space.

4. Modify VPN Connection In Your Device

Sometimes the error occurs because the Midjourney app faces issues in the Selected location in VPN or your Residence.

If you use the VPN connections, try running the command in Midjourney Bot by changing the other location.

If the error persists, turn off Your VPN, try running the command from your default location, and check whether you can generate an image without any issues.

If nothing above method works, then there is a problem with Midjourney BOT. Reach out to the Midjourney support team for further assistance.