How To Fix “An Error Occurred While Setting Account Details” On Steam

How To Fix “An Error Occurred While Setting Account Details” On Steam

Steam, the popular digital distribution platform for video games, is known for its vast library of titles and convenient features.

However, like any software, it is not immune to occasional errors.

One such error that users may encounter is “An error occurred while setting account details.”

In this article, we will explore the possible causes behind this error and provide effective solutions to help you resolve it.

What Causes “An Error Occurred While Setting Account Details” On Steam

Many Steam users have reported experiencing an error while attempting to modify their profile information, including the bio and real name.

The error displays as “An Error Occurred While Setting Account Details”.

Despite the frequency of this issue, Steam has yet to officially acknowledge or comment on this specific error.

an error occurred while setting account details steam

Research suggests that this error could be the result of Steam imposing a delay or limitation on the frequency of profile edits.

Users attempting multiple changes within a short timeframe seem to encounter this issue more frequently, indicating it might be a safeguard measure put in place by Steam.

However, the precise duration of this imposed delay remains uncertain.

To minimize the risk of encountering this error, users should avoid making multiple profile changes in quick succession.

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How To Fix “An Error Occurred While Setting Account Details” On Steam

1. Restart Steam

Begin by closing Steam completely and then relaunching it.

This simple step can help resolve temporary glitches or conflicts that might be causing the error.

2. Wait And Retry After Some Time

If the error persists after restarting Steam, the best course of action is to wait for a few hours or even up to a day.

This delay is imposed by Steam itself to prevent excessive profile edits.

After the waiting period, attempt to edit your profile again.

It is important to note that the waiting period can vary for different users.

While some have reported success after waiting for just 2 to 3 hours, others have needed to wait for longer, such as 10 to 12 hours or even a full day.

Exercise patience and give Steam ample time to allow profile edits.

3. Contact Steam Support

Contact Steam Support

If you have followed the above steps and the error still persists after an extended period, it is advisable to reach out to Steam Support for further assistance.

Provide them with detailed information about the error and the steps you have already taken to resolve it.

Here is the link to contact Steam support:

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