MetaMask Vs Trust Wallet

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet

If you’re thinking of entering the crypto world and doing your research in the area, then you must have come across “crypto wallets.” Crypto wallets allow one to store their digital assets online or offline.

The number of people getting into the crypto world and decentralized applications (DApps) are on the rise. Therefore, one should be aware of how to use them and which one to use.

The crypto sector never rests, and it is constantly changing. Therefore, a good crypto wallet that ensures security and accessibility to your digital assets is important.

MetaMask & Trust Wallet are two of the most famous crypto wallets available today for traders and holders.

This article compares these two to find out which one is more suitable to your needs.


MetaMask Wallet is a browser extension and a mobile app that functions as a crypto wallet connecting to the Ethereum blockchain. The extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, Edge & Brave.

The 5 million active monthly users of MetaMask can access the Ethereum Ecosystem. This allows them to access DApps without downloading an entire blockchain on their device.

It is one of the best Ethereum wallets, which provides easy and smooth access to decentralized exchanges (DEX), gaming platforms, gambling sites, and many other applications. 

  • Uses: users can store and manage transactions and account keys. It allows the transfer & receipt of Ethereum based tokens & cryptocurrencies. Users get secure access to DApps.
  • Accessibility: initially, till 2019, MetaMask has been available as a browser extension. Later, with the increase in crypto users, they launched their mobile application for iOS & Android users.
  • Custom RPC: users can add custom RPC to switch between the leading ethereum network and your suitable test network. 
  • Security: the private key of the wallet is encrypted and saved on MetaMask’s system. The user can export it as per the requirement.
  • Languages: MetaMask supports about 11 languages.

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Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is among the best crypto wallet available. With over 10 million active users, it has grown in popularity significantly since its launch.

Trust Wallet comes under Binance smart chain after Binance acquired it in 2018. So, now it is the official crypto wallet, you will need to access Binance Smart Chain or Binance chain.

So apart from handling Binance coins, you can manage a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 

It is a decentralized wallet with your keys encrypted. It is a user-controlled wallet with which you can access DApps.

It does not hold any funds of the user as it is all on the blockchain. It makes the crypto world more accessible to people as it allows people to use the services for free.

Furthermore, it does not even take any personal information of the user.

  • Uses: Safe and secure storage, transfer, and receipt of cryptocurrencies. An inbuilt Web3 browser allows access to DApps, and Defi platforms. Users can also play blockchain games, collect NFTs and cryptocurrency. User’s earn a daily interest for the crypto kept at stake. 
  • Binance:   Binance, one of the top crypto exchange platforms, acquired Trust Wallet in 2018. So along with the Binance features, users can also enjoy newly developed features like custom networks, native DEX, deep integration, etc.
  • Security: the users can use Face ID, Touch ID, PIN, Password to keep their digital assets safe on their device. Moreover, the users get a private key from the app and also get a seed backup feature.
  • Accessibility: it is a mobile app only and is available on iOS and Android. You’re not required to provide any personal information to sign up.
  • Language: Trust Wallet supports about 12 languages.

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MetaMask Vs Trust Wallet

FeaturesMetaMask WalletTrust Wallet
Platform SupportedSupports SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and Android
Does not support Windows, Mac & Linux
Supports SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and Android
Does not support Windows, Mac & Linux
AudienceAnyone who wants to use a crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain apps.Individuals wanting a simple & secure mobile crypto wallet for Ethereum tokens
Customer SupportProvide online customer supportProvide online customer support
TrainingOnly via Documentation Via documentation and live online tutorials
CategoriesBlockchain, crypto wallet, DApp browser, Defi ToolsCrypto Lending, Crypto Staking, Crypto Wallets, Crypto Exchanges, DApp Browsers, Defi Tools
IntegrationsTotal 315 integrations including Kubera, InsurAce, etc. Total 51 integrations including Fulcrum, Kubera, etc.

User Interface (UI)

A good UI will result in better interaction between the user and the mobile/website and increase the chances of their converting into a customer.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet winner:

Trust Wallet


Many people find the MetaMask interface a bit complex. People take some time to ease into the settings available, and it might take some time too to generate tokens. When people understand the interface, they have a smooth time on the platform.

The Trust Wallet has a simple and easy-going intuitive UI. It provides modern features like dark mode. The tokens are listed sequentially, one after the other, so the page does not look crowded. Additionally, there’s a notification feature to alert the user when a token is received.

Easier Transactions

An easy transaction-making process will result in more users. Transfers should be fast, and the funds should not get stuck.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet winner:

MetaMask Wallet


MetaMask provides a custom token button to add any token with a single click. It has a QR code scanner to allow users to make payments with a simple scan.

Users can add the QR address manually as well to make payments.

Trust Wallet provides the QR code scanning option to make payments. Users can also enter QR codes manually to make payments.

But it does not offer a direct feature to add tokens. The user will have to search for the tokens in the search bar.


Better and reasonable charges with value for money services will result in more users.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet winner

Trust Wallet


MetaMask users are charged with network fees which depend on the network they use. However, the amount charged is affordable.

The charges for transactions over Binance might vary from the Ethereum based transactions. The users have to research to find out the best and cheapest option for them.

Trust Wallet is absolutely free. It doesn’t levy any charges on any transactions or crypto exchanges, even if they’re made on DApps or DEX browsers.

Though, if the Bitcoin Blockchain has high usability, you might have to pay $5 to $10 per transaction.

And, the transactions made over Ethereum Blockchain will cost about $10 per transaction. So, Trust Wallets are more affordable.


Security of digital assets is of utmost importance to prevent any financial losses.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet winner

Trust Wallet


MetaMask uses the open-source code for good backup & security but still is far below the level of other cold wallets.

It has a 12-digit secret recovery phrase that can be used to recover your account. It does not provide any public or private key to its database, which emphasizes the lack of backup for users.

It is only your MetaMask password that is keeping your funds safe.

Trust Wallet provides private keys to access your account, which stays locked otherwise. You also have the option to export your private keys and have a 6-digit password to lock your wallet.

When you’re not using your account, it functions as a cold storage offline wallet. You’re also given the option to add Face ID, Touch ID, and passwords to control access to your account. 


The compatibility will result in a smooth experience for users while using the app across all the devices & browsers.

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet winner

MetaMask Wallet


MetaMask Wallet can be used as a browser extension and as a mobile application. The browser extension makes task execution convenient.

They also allow the user to access funds in their wallets. It is convenient as many DEXs have a connection with the wallet button. So, MetaMask will connect in seconds. 

Trust wallet., on the other hand, is available only as a mobile application available on iOS & Android.

Can Crypto be Bought using Trust Wallet?

Yes, Trust Wallet has partner providers who have integrated their services within the app to allow Trust Wallet users to buy crypto using credit cards. The app sends your crypto addresses automatically to the providers as per the crypto you’re trying to buy.

Does MetaMask Support Collectibles?

Yes, MetaMask supports collectibles. The collectible tab is available on the home screen of your mobile wallet.

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Trust Wallet or MetaMask, which one to use? There is no particular answer to this question as it depends on the user’s individual needs and requirements.

Both have some unique services and features to offer. They both support different types of cryptocurrencies and various networks.

As these wallets are per smart contract over the blockchain, the differentiation is based on the research as per the individual requirements.

This content would have helped in keeping the features side-by-side for the user to decide on the suitable wallet.