Meesho Delivery Charges

Meesho Delivery Charges

Meesho is one of India’s leading eCommerce platforms. More than crores of people are engaged with Meesho. Meesho offers the opportunity to earn by being a seller. Lakhs of sellers are selling their products on Meesho and earning. 

There are certain policies and charges that Meesho offers. Let’s have a look at them. 

Meesho delivery Charges

The shipping costs on Meesho depend on the final weight of the products in your shopping cart. It ranges anywhere between ₹49 and ₹70 based on the product category.

ZoneFirst 1 kilo(1000 gms)Every Next 0.5 kilos(500 gms)
IndiaRs 70Rs 30
International Share Rs 70Rs 30

Example: The first case is for placing an order with a product weight up to 1000 gms. The shipping charges will be equal to or less than ₹70.

NOTE: For every extra 500 gms, Meesho will charge ₹30 in addition to the existing charges.

Meesho delivers products to its customers at the lowest possible rates. They have joined hands with multiple Logistics Partners who pick up the products from the supplier’s location and ship it directly to the customer.

Meesho Return Charges 

Meesho offers a 7-day no-questions-asked policy for its customers. This builds trust and helps in achieving customer satisfaction. Customers are not charged any money in case of return. 

In case a customer returns the product, suppliers are made liable to pay the penalty. The amount of penalty depends on the product category and product weight. 

Meesho RTO charges 

Meesho does not levy any penalty in the case of RTOs (Return to Origin) if the order was shipped within the SLA. 

Meesho commision charges 

Meesho charges 0% commision from resellers. And from sellers they charge commision of less than 2% depending on categories. 

  • Meesho charges 1.2% to 1.8% for women’s wear. 
  • For men’s wear it also charges 1.2% to 1.8%. 
  • Again for other categories, Meesho charges a commission of 1.1% to 1.5%. 

Meesho return charges for seller

Product returns are of two types- 

  1. One that has been returned from the courier without even reaching the customer. 
  2. Others have been returned by the customer directly. 

For the products that are directly returned from the courier are not charged anything. Meesho did not take any charge from those products. 

For the products returned by the customers directly, Meesho charges a return penalty. The charges vary from product to product. 


With Meesho, you may make a secure and enjoyable purchase. It also helps people who want to start a small business to make money. It is a dependable app in general.