MCWG Full Form

MCWG Full Form

The Full Form of MCWG is Motor Cycle with Gear.

RTO (Regional Transport Office) provides a different license for different categories of vehicles.  MCWG License includes all the daily uses of sports or non-sports bikes we see on the road in our everyday life.

MCWG Motive

The main motive of the MCWG License is to allow anyone to drive two-wheeler vehicles legally (with government permission) with gear equipped specifically with engine capacities covering from 50 cc to unlimited cc.


  • MCWG must have a manual transmission gear-based operation.
  • MCWG license holders can drive a motorbike in any state of India.

Process to get MCWG license

  • Applicants must be eligible to get the License; they should be aware of traffic rules and regulations and 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must have a valid address, age, and identity proof.
  • They should know to drive a bike (with gear equipped) properly.
  • Can apply online for a License through the website “” by filling in all the details.
  • The offline method is also available by filling all the information in the form and can be submitted to the RTO office.

Limitation of MCWG

  • MCWG license holders cannot drive other than two-wheelers vehicles.

Benefits of MCWG

  • MCWG helps to drive legally.
  • The MCWG license is portable, so we can easily carry it while traveling.
  •  We can also use an MCWG license for our identity proof.
  • Earlier, we used to get an MCWG license in the form of a book, but now it has been converted into a smart card.
  •  If we lose our MCWG license, we don’t need to panic because we have our MCWG license intelligent card number to track and download our MCWG permit anytime, anywhere.

Driving License at a glance:

Driving License comes under two categories:

For Personal Purpose2  wheelerFor Commercial purposes other than 2 wheeler
Mc50cc- D.L for 16-18 years old person vehicles the engine is less than 50cc. e.g., Moped.LMVT- Light Motor vehicle Transport. Maximum gross weight up to 7,500Kg. e.g., Taxi, Delivery Van.
MCEX50cc- D.L for more than 50cc vehicles. e.g. – Scooty  MGV/GVM- Medium good vehicle. Maximum gross weight up to 12,000kg. e.g. – Delivery Van  
MCWOG- D.L for without gear vehicle. e.g. – ScootyHMV- Heavy motor vehicle.The maximum gross weight will be more than 12,000kg. (HGMV and HPMV comes under HMV)
MCWG- D.L for a geared vehicle. e.g. – BIKE (Splendor, Pulsar etc.)HGMV- Heavy goods motor vehicle. e.g., Truck, Hyva, Dumper, etc.
HPMV – Heavy passenger motor vehicle. e.g., Busses, Coaches.
LMV-NT – D.L for equivalent or more than two-wheelers but Non-transport. e.g., Car, Van.LDRXCV- Hydraulic heavy equipment used for commercial purposes.Trailer, Poclane, Crane, etc.

A small nail is sufficient to destroy a journey by puncturing a tire, but our preparation can overtake hurdles & achieve a goal. Keep a correct driving license with you, follow the traffic rules, always drive with precaution & make your Journey graceful and memorable.