Location Not Available Vs Location Not Found

iPhone enables an user to locate another person with an iPhone and helps in keeping the two in touch.

Through the system of location finding you can search for the location of your loved ones if both of you are using an iPhone.

However there are times when your location finder will show either “Location not Found” or “Location not available”.

These two messages mean completely different things and in this guide we will share with you their actual meanings.

What Does “Location Not Available” Means?

In your iPhone if it shows that “Location not available” when you are trying to find your friends then that means the user had turned off the location sharing option in their iPhone.

Turning off the location sharing option from your iPhone will make it impossible for other users to see your location as it will always show that your location is unavailable by Apple’s system.

location not avilable apple

When such a situation occurs then you can ask the user to enable their location sharing if you want to locate them and after they have enabled it you will be able to see their location easily.

What Does “Location Not Found” Means?

When you are trying to search for your friends who also have iPhone and it shows “Location not Found” then it means that their phone has had some kind of issue due to which the Apple system can not provide you with their location.

no location found apple

For example the phone can be turned off or the phone can become dead due to low battery or it can be put in Flight mode.

In such a case you will not be able to see the location of your friends through the Apple’s system as the system itself cannot locate them.

However, when the option of “Location not found” shows it means that the user has not disabled the location sharing option in their phone and if the user did that then it would be showering “Location not available” and not “Location not Found”.

When such a scenario occurs then you can wait for the person to contact you or you can try to contact them as they might be facing some difficulties.

It can also be that they might be in need of some help due to some problems that they could be facing, and thus you can take the initiative and contact them through other means as their phone might not be working at that moment.

Location Not Available Vs Location Not Found

When you are searching for your friends through the location search option of iPhone and you are seeing “Location not Found” then it means that there is something that is blocking Apple from getting it.

The issue might be completely with the phone being either severed from any network connections, it being out of battery or the phone being turned off.

Whereas when you are searching for your loved ones and getting the “Location not available” then it means that the person has turned off location sharing in their phone.

It could be that they do not want to disclose their location to other people and thus Apple can not show their location to you.