How To Fix “We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number” On Twitter

How To Fix We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number On Twitter

Are you not able to create account on Twitter?

Are you getting “We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number” error on Twitter?

Nowadays users of Twitter are facing the error where when they are trying to register their number, Twitter is showing that their phone numbers cannot be currently registered.

If you are among such users then you have come to the right place.

Here, in this guide you will get to know why you are seeing such messages and how you can solve the issue.

Why Are Getting “We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number” Error On Twitter?

  • Sometimes it happens that the Twitter app is having bugs and glitches inside and that’s why it is malfunctioning.
  • It might also happen that your phone number is an connected to an active account an not any suspended account.
  • It can also mean that the phone number you are trying to register is not an active phone number anymore.
We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number twitter

How To Fix “We Cannot Currently Register This Phone Number” On Twitter

Fix 1: Check Whether Your Phone Number Is Active

Sometimes it can happen that the phone number that you are trying to register with Twitter is not active anymore.

In such cases Twitter will not register your phone number as it requires an active phone number to be registered with its system.

You can register with another number if that happens or you can contact your service provider to activate your number again.

Fix 2: Check Whether Your Phone Number Is Connected To An Suspended Account From Twitter

If your phone number is already connected to an account that had been suspended by Twitter then your phone number will not again get registered on Twitter.

When you are trying to open a new account as Twitter will already realize that your phone number is attached with a suspended account and thus will not let you register it again.

In such a situation you will have to use a new number to register with your Twitter account.

Fix 3: Make Sure That Your Phone Number Is Not Linked To An Account That Have Just Been Deactivated

Twitter allows to deactivate an account whenever you want however it does not let the phone number that is registered with that account again get registered with a new account until 30 days have passed.

To do that you will need to wait for the period of 30 days to pass from the day that you have deactivated the account to again register that number with another account.

If you are in a hurry to register the number with your account then it is best that you use another number.

Fix 4: Uninstall And Reinstall Twitter

Sometimes the App gets glitches and bugs inside it which happens if one or more files somehow gets corrupted.

If that has happened then you should try to uninstall Twitter and again reinstall it as by doing that the corrupted files will get deleted and the app will not malfunction due to the glitches anymore.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection

Oftentimes due to poor internet connection Twitter also can not work properly as Twitter needs a stable internet connection for it to function properly.

You should also try to check your internet connection as an alternative method.

If you get to know that your internet is slow or unstable then you should contact the local service provider to solve the issue and it should resolve the problem you are having with trying to register your phone number in Twitter.