How To Link Twitter To Instagram?

link twitter to instagram

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Connecting your platforms not only ensures that you’re able to continue building a solid online presence but also helps others see what’s happening in real-time so they can follow along too!

Brands should use Instagram and Twitter in tandem to ensure they stay on top of trending topics.

For example, if you want your account set up to reach a broader audience than just those who follow precisely because their interests match yours, combining the two networks can help expedite this process for both current followers and potential ones; alike!

Have you ever wanted to use your Twitter account for more than just networking? If so, then this article is perfect! We will teach how to link Twitter with Instagram.

Steps to link your Instagram account to Twitter:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and log in with your login details if not signed in already.

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Step 2: Go to profile (tab on the circle visible with your profile picture at the right bottom corner of an Instagram App).


Step 3: Now go to the settings page by tapping on the three vertical lines on the top-right corner of an Instagram App.

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Step 4: After tapping on the Settings, select “Account” from the options given. 

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Step 5: Go to “Sharing to Other Apps”.

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Step 6: Select “Twitter” from the options coming after clicking on “Sharing to Other Apps.”

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Step 7: Input Twitter username and password, and authorize the app.

You’ve now linked your Instagram to Twitter so that all posts on the social media platform are instantly reflected in real-time. Images will appear as links, and you can view them just like any other web page!

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Linking your Instagram to Twitter is an excellent idea to expand your audience and interact with both your Twitter and Instagram followers in one place. 

While you can’t post your Instagram photos on your Twitter account, some people want to do this for simplicity’s sake.   If this is you, then you need to link the two accounts.

One way to quickly interact with people on Twitter is by linking your Instagram account.

This allows you to showcase content that you’re already sharing to the world and increases engagement and brand awareness for both networks.

Instagram Is Not Posting To Twitter

Instagram owners report that their photos aren’t showing up in the news feed or tweets anymore. This isn’t a bug; it’s an intended change to comply with new European regulations on data privacy and transparency.

Instagram has disabled the “Twitter Card functionality,” which means that an app-enabled photo will no longer appear on your Twitter news feed or in other places.

You can still tweet these images as normal with just a link instead of seeing them immediately!

How To Link Twitter To Instagram Story?

You can not link Twitter to Instagram Story but you can share your Twitter Profile Link into Instagram Story as same we share other links into Instagram Story.

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By linking your Instagram to Twitter, It helps widen your sales funnel and actively keep potential customers within the digital sphere of influence. This will strengthen how many people see what you have for sale.

So now that you know how to link your Instagram to Twitter, You’re ready to go social!