What Is Lien Amount In SBI?

Lien Amount SBI

Are you an account holder in the state bank of India? And You are getting a mark of the lien amount to your account. What does it mean? So, if you have any doubts about the lien amount in SBI, keep scrolling and read this article.

This article is a comprehensive guide on the lien amount in the state bank of India. By the end, you will have all the information about the lien amount in SBI on checking the lien amount?.

Also, how to remove the lien amount in SBI? But, before we jump deeper into it, let’s know what is the exact meaning of the lien amount in SBI. 

What Is Lien Amount In SBI?

A lien amount in SBI is an amount that banks freeze or lock because of other bank-related issues, such as non-payment of an EMI for a longer, other overdue, etc. In simple language, the SBI bank may freeze or lock a certain amount of money in your account and mark it as a lien Amount. It means the bank has put that amount on hold which is commonly termed as lien amount in SBI.

Now, you can not withdraw that particular amount until its lien mark is not removed. The bank may freeze any certain amount or the full bank account if it is suspicious. Or if you have not paid the loan amount or any other kind of payment is due to pay.

Usually, the bank informs you before holding the amount as a lien Amount. But, many times, SBI failed to do so.

There may be several other reasons behind it which have been discussed in detail below. So, keep scrolling.

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How To Check The Lien Amount In SBI?

 There are various ways to check lien amounts in SBI as mentioned below.

  • If you are using atm, you can print the mini statement. On a mini statement, you will find your amount has been marked as a lien, and your balance will be shown as zero if the whole amount of your account has been frozen.
  • As a second option, you may print your passbook by visiting any SBI passbook printer machine. Usually, passbook print machines are available beside many SBI ATMs.
  • If you are using the Yono application, you may also check the details over there. Also, you can follow the easiest steps to check the details of the lien amount through SBI net banking.

Check Lien Amount Through SBI Net Banking

If you are an SBI net banking user, it’s convenient to check the details of the lien amount at your fingertips. Only, you need to follow some simple steps which have been mentioned below. 

Step 1. First, you will need to visit the official website of SBI net banking and log in there. Put your login credentials like username and password in the rectangular box. And solve the captcha and get logged in to your account.

Step 2. After getting a successful login, you have to click on the account summary. You will get it on the left side under “my account and profile section.”

Step 3. You would be able to see an option of “click here for the last 10 transactions.” You need to click on it.

Step 4. Now, you can check here your lien amount details. If some certain amount is marked as a lien amount, the remaining amount will be shown as balance. Otherwise, the available balance will be shown as zero if the entire amount is frozen.

These were the four easy steps through which you can check your lien amount if using net banking.

But, if you are not using the Yono application or have not activated the net banking in your account. You can visit the nearest SBI branch for the lien amount-related inquiry.

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How To Remove Lien Amount In SBI?

Suppose you want to remove the lien mark from your account. You will need to know the exact reason behind this lien mark. And thus, depending upon the reason, there are several ways to remove the lien amount in SBI.

  • You can visit your SBI home branch to find the exact reason behind your frozen account. It may be any technical error too, which you need to fix by visiting the branch.
  • If you have any due amount in the bank, you will have to clear it first as there is no other alternative because you can not withdraw this amount or give a cheque to someone. The cheque will bounce in such a scenario.
  • You will be able to withdraw the lien amount or do any other transactions after settling the dues. This transaction can be in a cheque, cash withdrawal from the SBI bank, or atm. 
  • Or, you will be able to transfer amounts using net banking.
  • So most likely, you will have to visit your bank branch to find out the exact cause and eradicate it. 
  • Moreover, you can call the SBI customer care helpdesk to get support. If you are in another state or for any reason, you cannot visit the SBI branch.

While calling with your registered mobile number, you will need to tell them the last four digits of your Aadhaar number. They ask you to verify your identity through an Aadhaar number. And they also confirm your account number for further support.

But, you will need to be very careful as you provide your account details since your account credentials are confidential information. So, to ensure the legitimacy of customer care, you must call the authentic toll-free number of the SBI.

There are many fraud numbers listed in the google search engine to trap the customers. So, it is very important to make sure before calling them. To avoid such circumstances, you must take the number from SBI’s official website only.

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Why Is The Lien Amount In SBI?

There may be several reasons behind the lien amount in SBI. Some of the major causes of lien amount in SBI are listed below.

  • There is a possibility that you have not maintained the minimum balance in your savings account. There are some rules and regulations of every bank to maintain a minimum balance which depends on whether your account is in a rural, semi-urban, or metro city branch of SBI. According to this rule, a customer has to maintain a minimum amount of 1000 INR monthly if your account is in the rural branch of SBI. And if you have opened your account in a semi-urban or metro city branch, you will have to maintain a minimum balance of two thousand and three thousand rupees respectively monthly. However, these rules and regulations keep changing in SBI, so; you will have to be updated with them. You can confirm it by calling on a customer care number or visiting any branch of SBI, if possible. Because In 2021, SBI announced a wave of the penalty of maintaining a minimum balance.
  • If you have borrowed any loan but not repaid the EMI. In this scenario, the bank has the authority to freeze the EMI amount or even the whole loan amount in your account.
  • The bank can also lien a certain amount if any issue related to daft or cheque is found.
  • If the bank found any suspicious deposit of cash or any transactions to your account. Then, the account may be frozen.
  • If your income comes under the income tax slab, you are not paying the tax to the government. Then the bank freezes your account to hold any further transactions until the tax amount is paid.
  • If you have kept your fixed deposit as loan security and are not paying the loan EMI. Then in this scenario, your fixed deposit amount will be marked as a lien amount. You will not be able to withdraw your fixed deposit amount. 
  • If you are using an SBI credit card but have not paid the due amount.

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Do We Get Interest On Lien Amount In SBI?

Yes, you may get interest on the lien amount as the lien amount is only kept aside by the bank for any future recovery if you have paid your credit card bill or any loan’s EMI.

The interest is calculated on the total balance available in your account. Once you clear your due payment, the bank free it from a lien amount, and now, you can withdraw this amount with interest.

Can I Withdraw Lien Amount From SBI?

Yes, you can withdraw the lien amount in a certain condition of clearing your due, if any. For this, first, you need to visit the branch to find out the exact reason behind the lien marked.

And if it is a technical error, then the branch can fix it hand to hand but, if there is a credit card bill, loan amount due, tax-related issue, then it may take a few working days.

But, you need not worry about it. Once you clear the due, your account will be free from the lien marked.

Final Thoughts

The Frozen amount can be easily withdrawn by digging the exact reason behind it. You have to visit your SBI home branch and tell the concern; they will look after it, whether it’s any technical glitch or anything else. 

If you have some due, you can clear it from your side, and then the lien amount in SBI will be marked as free so that you will be able to withdraw it or do any further transactions.


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