Karnataka Bank Mini Statement: Missed Call Number, SMS Banking

Karnataka Bank Mini Statement

The Mini statement includes information on the amount withdrawn and deposited. In Karnataka bank, you can check bank mini statements using the missed call or SMS banking service. The most recent five transactions can be checked in the bank mini statement. 

 Karnataka Bank also provides bank mini statements through an online digital medium such as Mobile App or Internet banking services to its customers to ease access to various financial banking services.

What Is Karnataka Bank Mini Statement?  

Karnataka Bank Mini Statement allows you to download and read account entries on your smartphone or tablet in the same way as a traditional passbook. The Customers can receive a bank mini statement, which is a summary of their account statement that highlights the most recent transactions of their account. 

How To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement?

Karnataka Bank offers the requirements of every citizen, business, and corporation. You can obtain the Bank Mini Statement through Missed call, SMS Banking, or Digital Banking, which aims to simplify banking via internet-based applications and software. The Mobile banking, Internet banking, KBL direct pay, missed call banking, and ATM/E-Lobby are all banking services and products help to get bank mini statement. 

Get Bank Karnataka Mini Statement Through Missed Call

Missed call service provides a bank mini statement of account on your mobile message box. You can make a missed call from your registered mobile number to get the related mini statement details.  The service is available 24*7.

Steps To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement through Missed Call:

  1. From your registered SIM number, Dial “18004251446.”
  2. Give a missed call from your phone and disconnect.
  3. You will receive an SMS bank mini statement in your message box after a few seconds.

Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement Through SMS

Karnataka Bank account holders can use SMS banking to keep track of their account activity.

SMS banking is free of cost service offered by the bank. You can avail of this service on any Android and iPhone mobile.    

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Steps To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement through SMS Banking:

  1. Type the message “TRN [space] account number” on your mobile. 
  2. Send it to “988065432” from your registered SIM number. 
  3. You can check the SMS and get information on your most recent financial transactions.

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Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement Through Mobile Banking

The account users may check their account balances by downloading the Karnataka Bank App to their cellphones. KBL-mPassBook is a mobile app allows bank clients to view or download bank mini statement of accounts in the form of a passbook from their smart phones/tablets whenever and wherever they want, without having to visit a branch.

Steps To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement through Mobile Banking:

  1. Go to Google Play or App Store and download the Karnataka “KBL-mPassBook” mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Once the app has been installed, open it and register using your phone number or customer ID.
  3. Use your four-digit login PIN to access the Karnataka “KBL-mPassBook” App.
  4. Go to the homepage and choose Account Passbook from the drop-down menu.
  5. To view all transactions, go to the bottom of the page and click the passbook icon.

Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement Through Internet Banking

MoneyClick®, Internet Banking service, allows you to control your accounts from the convenience of your own location. MoneyClick® is a Self-Service Source that is able to provide services in a transparent, accessible and secure environment.

Internet banking allows you to check your bank mini statement transactions safely and confidentially without wasting time or risking your account security.

Steps To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement through Internet Banking:

  1. Go to the Karnataka bank Netbanking website.
  2. Click on “KBL MoneyClick®” from your smartphone or laptop. 
  3. Select Personal NetBanking and enter your Username ID and Password to login.
  4. Click on Menu bar at the corner side of the page. 
  5. Under “Account” choose “Account Enquiry/Opening” and then “Select Account Summary“.
  6. On the screen, click the Plus Action icon. Your account’s mini statement transactions are now accessible.
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Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement By Visiting ATM

To get bank mini statement customers can visit their nearest bank branch. You should be carrying a valid ATM/Debit Card with a four-digit ATM PIN.

Steps To Karnataka Get Bank Mini Statement by using ATM:

  1. Take out your ATM/Debit Card and insert it into the ATM.
  2. Enter your ATM PIN, which are four digits.
  3. Select “Account Summary” from the menu.
  4. You may immediately check the bank mini statement on the screen.

Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement By Visiting Bank Branch

Karnataka Bank account holders must visit their local bank office to update their passbook to check their account mini statement. The passbook includes detailed information on every debit and credit transaction done by the account holder. 

Steps To Get Karnataka Bank Mini Statement by visiting bank branch:

  • Visit to Karnataka Bank office. 
  • Provide them passbook in order to print the most recent transactions from your bank account.
  • You may now see your bank mini statement transactions and balance enquiries.

Karnataka Bank Mini Statement Number

Give a simple missed call on 1800 425 1446 and get an instant SMS with a Mini statement(Last five transactions). 

How To Register Mobile Number In Karnataka Bank?

Now that all banks provide net banking and phone banking services for the convenience of their clients, it is essential to register your mobile number with your bank in order to take advantage of the benefits of online banking. You can visit to your nearest Bank branch and simply register your mobile number. 

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Steps To Get mobile number register in Karnataka Bank:

  1. Visit the Karnataka Bank branch where you have your account.
  2. Request for KYC form.
  3. Fill out the KYC form with your name, account number, address and mobile number. 
  4. Submit KYC form along with required documents. 
  5. Your mobile number will be registered after the validation. 

Benefits Of Bank Karnataka Mini Statement

Mini Bank statement is an excellent method of keeping track of an individual’s finances. They can assist account holders in keeping track of their funds, identifying mistakes, and identifying spending patterns. To guarantee that their records match the bank’s records, account holders should check their accounts frequently—daily, weekly, or monthly. As a result, there is a reduce overdraft costs, mistakes, and fraud.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Processes To Get The Karnataka Bank Mini Statement?

Typically, members can access their latest bank mini statements on their smartphones through missed call or SMS banking, KBL-mPassbook, and internet banking. Only, you have to register/link your mobile number with your bank account number. 

Is It Possible For Someone To See Into My Bank Mini Statement?

Banks do not reveal information about your bank mini statement to unknown third parties without your permission unless you give out your account number. 

What Does A Bank Mini Statement Contain?

Bank mini statements include information on bank accounts, such as account numbers and a complete record of payment transactions.

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