Is The Metaverse Real

Is Metaverse Real

Metaverse as a concept has been around for quite some time but it all started when Facebook announced its name change to Meta in 2021.

It signifies how big Metaverse is in the ambition books of Facebook. In fact, their Metaverse is one of the most widely awaited technological leaps ever in the history of mankind. 

The term Metaverse goes back to 1992 when it was first featured in Snow Crash, a science fiction novel. In that novel, the author imagined a world with living beings that looked like aliens and they met each other in virtual reality environments which resembled very much like the real world. 

Is Metaverse Real?

Literally, yes. Meaning, the Metaverse technology exists and many such Metaverses are in development currently. Figuratively no, meaning, Metaverse is a virtual world and although it is highly immersive in the real-world, all the life happens within a virtual, artificially-created environment.

Many view Metaverse to be the next big evolution of the Internet and it is set to leverage the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the maximum.

Exciting Features Of Metaverse

But have you wondered what makes this entire concept fascinating, apart from it seeming like a life-sized game. 

Firstly, all sub-features within the Metaverse very much overlap with real-world activities. That is, your avatar (that represents you) can play games, earn money, go to college, get a job, fall in love, be a part of the government of the virtual community and take decisions etc. Therefore, users can enjoy a lot of freedom that they do not exactly experience in the real world. 

Secondly, the avatars are highly customizable so you can look the way you want to, regardless of how you appear in real-life. The computer graphics are better than ever, and the world in itself looks extremely real. 

Thirdly, you have more freedom to interact and create than you will ever have in the real world. Social interactions in the virtual world are aimed to be healthy and less competitive. 

Fourthly, you can earn money and real money for that matter! Although it will be in the form of cryptocurrency or the native token of the Metaverse. This can also link with the real world, and you can profit from this. 

Fifth, the Metaverse is set to support plenty of advanced hardware available already from AR/VR headsets to other peripheral devices as well. 

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How Is Metaverse Different From A Traditional Virtual-World Game?

It is no surprise that many virtual-world games already exist, but it is literally just a micro-bit of the capabilities of a Metaverse.

The latter enables the player complete freedom to build their avatars, work, socialise and earn. It is powered by cryptocurrency and has all the elements of real-life in an extremely nuanced manner.

Consider Metaverse as a universe of its own, and in the future, it can connect between different Metaverses too. 

When Will The Metaverse Arrive?

A lot of Metaverse projects are already in development (such as Meta, LunaOne etc.) and some of them even have their initial versions out for players to test.

However, according to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta), it will take the end of this decade for Metaverses to establish themselves with all its features and functioning become mainstream.

Also, there needs to be regulatory clarity since all the Metaverses deal with cryptocurrency which will ultimately link to Fiat currency anyway. 

Some Exciting Metaverse Projects

It’s an exciting space out there because each project is already seeming fascinating in its own self. However, here are some projects you should definitely not miss reading about (or even try). 

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. In this world, players can create their own avatars, purchase their own land and even trade it.

The in-game activities are powered using NFTs and almost every player activity can be monetised to earn. The native token of Decentraland is $MANA. 

2. SandBox

Another Metaverse SandBox built over the Ethereum blockchain, in this world too players can purchase land, interact with other gamers and can trade the land and all in-game materials.

Sandbox’s differentiator is that the developers claim that they are providing never-seen-before levels of customization. Players can create the NFT they want and trade it. The native token is $SAND. 

3. Bloktopia

Bloktopia is already unique because it is based on the Polygon Network. It is essentially a virtual skyscraper out of which the players can buy their individual land, lease it or trade it.

They can even use it for digital advertising! Another differentiator is that the Metaverse will be based on VR, and will require a VR headset for playing. The native token is $BLOK. 

Conclusion – Is Metaverse Real?

Indeed Metaverse is real, and to prove it, many projects are running. Explore these and indulge yourself in the rapidly growing world of Metaverse.