Is Sharekhan Safe for Trading & Investing?

Is sharekhan safe

Sharekhan is the oldest stock brokerage company that was started in India in 2000. This stock brokerage company is backed by BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas is one of the biggest and trustworthy French International Banks which has its branches in 70+ countries across the globe. 

With the help of this Sharekhan stock brokerage company, we can easily trade equities, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, and other types of financial instruments at a very low brokerage cost and with the help of a seamless app trading experience.

Sharekhan Special Features

  • As we discussed above, Sharekhan is a stock brokerage company that is backed by one of the biggest French International Banks, so the company is having good funds.
  • Because Sharekhan started in the 2000’s it is having a good brand value in the Indian market and they’re having a good number of paid customers.
  • To make trading easy for every customer in India, Sharekhan has started a mobile app so that you can easily trade all kinds of financial instruments.
  • Sharekhan uses new kinds of financial algorithms and artificial intelligence to perform fundamental analysis of a stock. If they feel the stock is going to perform well then they will recommend that stock to its customers so that the customers can invest in that stock and earn good returns in their portfolio.
  • Sharekhan will have access to the stock’s previous data. So that sharekhan takes the data and infuses it into artificial intelligence. Then AI will analyze the data and it will give a clear-cut future prediction based on the previous data and movement of the stock according to market and seasonal conditions.
  • It will be very hard for a beginner to learn about the stock market and then trade. Beginners will lose a huge amount of money while he/she is trading. So Sharekhan offers beginner traders to learn more about the Stock Market by offering stock market courses which are called Sharekhan classroom training.
  • With the help of the training, every beginner can easily learn about the Stock market and then he can easily invest in stocks and make good profits.
  • Because Sharekhan is a customer-oriented and customer satisfaction company it solves its customer’s problems by providing cutting-edge customer support. So that customer support will receive your problems and they solve your queries within a very short time as possible.

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What Makes Sharekhan Safe?

  • Parent Company – BNP Paribas

The parent company of Sharekhan is BNP Paribas. It is one of the biggest banks in Europe and provides its services and products in more than 72 countries. The first branch of BNP Paribas was established in India, back in 1860. Having a strong parent company gives more credibility to Sharekhan. 

  • Offline Presence

Sharekhan is present offline as well, in around 541 locations across India. You can always go to their office and meet their people in person if you have any queries regarding their product or want to register a complaint. 

  • Advanced Desktop Software

If you actively trade on Sharekhan, you will be provided with state-of-the-art Trade Tiger Desktop software. This comes with heat maps and advanced gauges to track the movements of the market and provide other important insights on stocks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Sharekhan has something unique for you. 

  • Low Customer Complaints

The complaints to active customers ratio of Sharekhan is extremely low, and that proves the credibility of the platform. 

  • Government Registrations and Within Legal Bindings

Of course, Sharekhan is registered with SEBI and it operates its services according to legal guidelines. Sharekhan is also a member of the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The regulators keep an eye on brokers and notify them about any wrongdoing. There has been no major controversy or case against Sharekhan until now. 

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Final Thoughts – Is Sharekhan Safe?

Yes, Sharekhan is very much safe and you can easily rely on it to make your everyday buying and purchase of financial instruments.

  • Sharekhan BSE member ID: 748
  • Sharekhan NSE member ID: 10733
  • Sharekhan Ltd CIN: U99999MH1995PLC087498
  • Sharekhan SEBI Registration No.: INZ000171337

These are some of the most important registration numbers one should consider while becoming a customer of Sharekhan and trading stocks from them. Therefore, you can definitely go ahead and start stock trading on the Sharekhan platform. 


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