IPhone Unavailable Timer Not Going Down? Reasons & Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your iPhone’s unavailable timer not going down?

This can be a frustrating issue, as it can prevent you from making or receiving calls and texts.

iPhone is a great device to use for your day to day life but it can have some problems from time to time.

In this article today, we will be discussing with you the reasons why your iPhone unavailable timer is not going down and how you can actually fix it.

Why Is IPhone Unavailable Timer Not Going Down?

When you have mistakenly entered your password too many times in your iPhone lock screen or you have dropped the iPhone from your hand somehow, this situation might occur where your iPhone will show you the screen ‘iPhone Unavailable’.

There can be other causes too such as you have recently updated the iPhone and now your timer is not going down even after the update has been completed and is showing the Unavailable message.

Sometimes the iPhone can also have this unavailable issue while you are charging your phone.

What To Do If IPhone Unavailable Timer Not Going Down?

If you are getting the message iPhone Unavailable in your phone lock screen with a timer then firstly you should wait and see whether the timer is actually going down or not.

If it is going down then wait till the time is up and then put the password and your phone should start as it is.

However, if the timer is not going down then there are some fixes that you can try to solve the issue.

In this section of the article we have listed those solutions and discussed them in detail so that you can easily try them out.

1. Resetting The IPhone

The first thing that you can try if you are having problems entering your locked iPhone due to the timer is to reset the iPhone.

In the lock screen where the timer is showing there will be an option called ‘Erase iPhone’.

You will have to tap on it and then follow the instructions given in your screen.

After you do this you will be able to open your phone by resetting it.

However, be aware that doing this will erase all data inside your phone.

It is recommended that you do this method only when you have already backed up your iPhone data.

2. Find My IPhone

Another way through which you can open your iPhone is to find your iPhone by using another iPhone and then reset it from there.

For this, you will need to have another iPhone as well as the find my iPhone option is turned on from your unavailable iPhone.

You can just go to the app Find my iPhone from the other iOS device, put in the Apple Id and password and then navigate to the unavailable iPhone device.

After this, you can tap on it and put it from there.

It will make your device reset and after that, you can easily set it up from iCloud or from scratch as you wish.

It is recommended that you backup your data in iCloud because resetting the iPhone will make it lose all the data inside of it.

3. Use A Computer To Reset The IPhone

You can also use a computer to factory reset your iPhone. However, it is recommended by us that you backup your iPhone to iCloud first before doing it.

On your device, run iTune and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

Then make sure that your phone has entered the recovery mode by pressing the side button and the volume down button.

There will be a iTune message pop up on your screen where you can click on the restore option.

Now, wait till your iPhone finishes loading. You can then set it up after it has finished loading and resetting.

4. Reboot The IPhone

You can also try to restart the iPhone by holding its side buttons and see if that solves the issue.

However if it doesn’t then you will have to contact the support team.

Rebooting your iPhone is not resetting and will not delete your data.

But you should always backup your data in iCloud for safety purposes.

5. Contact Apple Support Team

The last solution that you can try after trying all the above solutions is to contact the Apple support team.

It could be a problem that can only be fixed by them for your device as your device might be malfunctioning.

In that case, it is best that you get it checked by them as fast as you can.