IPhone Symbols On Top Of Screen

iPhone symbols on top of creen

The symbols on the status bar or on the top of your iPhone screen are there to optimize your usability and to make it easier for you to toggle the switches on and off without having to visit the settings option again and again.

Some of these are the basic symbols for options like mobile network, WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, etc. It is good to know that the options available in the status bar of the iPhone have not been changed for ages.

So it does not matter if you are using an older or newer model the options and their orientations are still the same.

iPhone Symbols On Top Of Screen

iPhone Symbols On Top Of Screen includes:

  • Battery And Network Settings
  • Orange, Green, And Red Colors Of The Clock
  • The SharePlay Symbol
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Connection And Data Type
  • Cell Phone Carrier Name
  • Battery Indicator
  • Headphones Connected
  • Hotspot
  • Alarm

iPhone symbols represent a particular feature of your iPhone or redirect you to a certain application. iPhone symbols make the navigation on your iPhone easier.

If you are using the iOS 15 version, you might notice a few more symbols have been added to the list, and it is certain that there will be more added in the future with the latest upgrades. 

For the later versions of iPhone models, i.e., from iPhone X, there has been a slight change made in the placement of the options available in the status bar.

For the latest models, you have to scroll down the top of your home screen to reveal the hidden options of your status bar.

Let us discuss the contents of the status bar in more detail:

1. Battery And Network Settings

As you drag down the top menu of your home screen, you will find the icons for battery percentage, network connectivity, and more. This bar also displays whether you have an alarm set for the future.

2. Orange, Green, And Red Colors Of The Clock

You might also notice that sometimes the time icon of your iPhone appears in orange, green, or red colors. Well, if you are new to the iPhone community, then let me explain the meaning behind these colors briefly.

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The blue color of the clock indicates that GPS is currently sharing your location with an app you’re running in the background. The red color indicates that your microphone is currently in use. 

And the green color indicates that a certain app on your phone is currently using your camera or the camera and microphone both.

3. The SharePlay Symbol

This is a newly added feature for the iOS 15 version, which allows you to share and play any media while you are on FaceTime.

You will find an icon that resembles the calling icon on the status bar of your screen, and that’s how you can know for sure that this feature is on.

4. Wi-Fi 

Then we have the regular old Wi-Fi symbol on your status bar, which indicates that you are connected to a nearby Wi-Fi service.

Needless to say, this icon will only be visible when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can also see the signal strength through the symbol.

5. Cellular Connection And Data Type

These are the first two icons from the top left of your status bar, which indicate the signal strength of your cellular network and the type of data you are currently using.

For instance, if you are using the LTE network, it will depict the LTE icon on your screen and so forth. 

6. Cell Phone Carrier Name

Along with depicting the signal strength and cellular connection, the cell phone carrier name is also depicted on the top left of your screen. This name is displayed as an acronym for the actual name of the cell phone carrier.

7. Battery Indicator

Although the charge percentage is not depicted on the status bar of your home screen, you can see the level of charge on your phone in the top right corner.

These levels are also depicted with different colors such as white, yellow, red, and green.

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White represents your charge level when the lighting charger is disconnected. Yellow symbolizes low battery mode.

Red indicates that your phone has less than 20% charge, and the green represents that your phone is on charge.

8. Headphones Connected

If you have connected your AirPods or any other form of headphones to your iPhone, you will find the headphones icon on the top right corner of your screen beside the charging icon.

9. Hotspot

If you choose to connect the Hotspot, you will find the icon on the top left corner. This icon resembles two interconnected circles.

10. Alarm

You can find the alarm icon on the right corner of your screen beside the headphones icon. This helps as a reminder that your phone is set for an alarm in the near future.

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iPhone Symbols On Top Of Screen Lock With Circles

The portrait orientation on iPhone is symbolized by the lock icon with a circle. This means that your screen is now locked in the same orientation until you tap on the icon and change the setting. This feature is available in all the versions and models of the iPhone.

This orientation is useful if you are trying to read or while you are driving and using the GPS on your phone.

When you toggle the portrait orientation switch, the screen remains in the portrait orientation no matter how many times you turn your phone. This mode can be turned on and off from the Control center on your device.

Here’s how you can turn on the portrait orientation on your iPhone:

Step 1: Swipe Up On Your Home Screen

To launch the Control center on your device, swipe up on your home screen.

Step 2: Hit The Lock With The Circle Icon

To turn on the portrait orientation mode on your device, hit the lock with the circle icon on the right of your screen. If the mode is already turned on, you will be able to see the icon with a white background and vice-versa.

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What Are The Icons On Top Right Of IPhone?

Some of the icons that you can find on the right corner of your screen on your status bar are – The play icon, Alarm, Bluetooth, TTY mode, location, and the Battery icon.

Basically, you would only find the Battery and the most probably the location icon in the display on a general basis.

All the other icons are only found on the screen when you are using that particular app or function. Since we have already discussed all the icons and their functions in the above section except for TTY mode, let us discuss that. 

The TTY mode, which is short for Teletype mode enables deaf people to make phone calls by connecting their phone to a Teletype machine.

What Is The Arrow On The Top Left Corner Of My IPhone?

The white arrow icon on top of your screen is for the location mode. Whenever you turn on the GPS on your iPhone or a certain app is using the GPS, you will find a white arrow on top of your screen in the status bar.

This arrow icon appears beside the network connection icon in the top left corner of your screen.


The arrangement of the icons displayed on the iPhone may vary according to the version that you are using. But the functions of the icons remain the same.

In the iOS 15 version, there are a few added features that are not present in the older versions.

If anything iPhone has gone with a more sleek and functional orientation for the icons present in the status bar for the iPhone models since iPhone X.

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