IDFC First Bank Mini Statement: Missed Call Number, SMS Banking

IDFC First Bank Mini Statement

Do you have an IDFC First Bank savings or current account? If so, this post will be informative to you. A bank mini statement is a simplified version of your bank account statement that displays the most recent transactions in your account. The mini bank statement offers you a breakdown of five recent transactions. 

How To Get An IDFC First Bank Mini Statement?

For getting mini statement IDFC First Bank  offers a wide range of banking and financial services to its clients through; Internet banking, Mobile banking, Phone banking, Missed call banking, and SMS banking. You can get your bank mini statement from both online and offline processes.  

Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement Through Missed Call

It is now possible to verify the mini bank statement of an account by giving a missed call from your confirmed contact number. IDFC Missed Call Banking is a service that allows all clients to obtain their bank mini statement rapidly.

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement through Missed Call:

  1. Dial an “1800-2700-720” (toll-free number) from your registered mobile number to give a missed call.  
  2. Instantly call gets disconnected. 
  3. Now you will receive a message that says “Thank you for contacting IDFC Bank”. 
  4. In your message box, you will receive your bank mini statement message with your account information.

Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement Through SMS

Manage your finances from anywhere. Take total control of your funds, no matter where you are. To get started, you must register your SIM number. Sending an SMS with the transaction code 5676732 or 9289289960 after registering your contact number will allow you to receive the service you seek.

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement through SMS:

  1. Type the message “TXN” [space] and the “last four digits” of your account number. (Pattern should be like this -TXN 1345)
  2. Deliver message to 5676732 or 9289289960
  3. You will receive an SMS from the bank shortly.
  4. The SMS will contain all the details of your bank mini statement. 
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Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement Through Mobile Banking

IDFC First Bank mobile banking offers the best online service for all banking requirements. Customers will be able to view account data, mini-statements, transfer cash, pay bills, and much more using mobile banking. 

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement through Mobile Banking:

  1. Download IDFC “First” mobile app on the smartphone through Google play store or App store. 
  2. As the App gets installed, click on the App and get yourself registered from your number or customer ID. 
  3. Log in IDFC First App using your four-digit login PIN.
  4. Go to the homepage and click on the account number to view the mini statement. 
  5. Click on the View Transactions option on the screen to view all transactions.
  6. Click on the new screen, you will see a mini statement of your account.
  7. You can also filter the transactions by selecting a date.

Get IDFC Bank Mini Statement Through Internet Banking

Internet banking allows users to access services such as fund transfers, mini-statements, IDFC First Bank Balance Check, loans, and more without visiting a branch. Additionally, this mini statement includes the account transactions with full details. 

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement through Internet Banking:

  1. Go to the IDFC First bank Net banking website from your smartphone or laptop. 
  2. Log in with your Username and Password.
  3. Click on Savings Account/Current Account under My Accounts.
  4. Click on “View Mini Statement” under “Account Number” and then “Select Account Number“.
  5. Click on the View Transactions icon on the screen. Your account’s latest ten transactions are now visible.
  6. Click on the “Filter” button transactions can be filtered by date, financial year, or credit/debit status.
  7. By clicking the PDF icon at the bottom, you may save it as a PDF file to your smartphone or computer.
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Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement By Visiting ATM

For more information on bank mini statement customers can visit their nearest bank branch.

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement by using ATM:

  1. You should have a valid ATM/Debit Card with a four-digit ATM PIN. 
  2. Insert your ATM/Debit Card into the ATM. 
  3. Enter your four-digit ATM PIN.  
  4. Now, click on “Account Summary“.
  5. You can view the bank mini statement on the screen right away.

Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement By Visiting Bank Branch

Customers receive a passbook when they open an account with the bank. To update their passbook, IDFC Bank account holders need to visit their local IDFC Bank branch.

Steps To Get IDFC First Bank Mini Statement by visiting bank branch:

  1. The first step is to visit an IDFC bank branch.
  2. Give your bank a passbook to print the most current transactions from your bank account.
  3. Now, you can examine your bank mini statement transactions and balance inquiries.

IndusInd Bank Mini Statement Number

For checking the IndusInd Bank mini statement, the customer can send SMS “MINI” to 9212299955. The IndusInd Bank will show you the latest transactions of your account.

How To Register The Mobile Number In IDFC First Bank?

Customers can quickly update their mobile phone numbers by visiting the bank office. Customers are asked to complete the request form and submit it to the office desk. 

Steps To Get mobile number register for IDFC First Bank:

1. Go to the nearest IDFC First Bank branch.

2. Request about linking/updating/adding a mobile number to your account.

3. Complete the request form by linking/adding/updating your mobile number.

4. Further to verification, the mobile number will be linked/added/updated to your account.

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Benefits Of IDFC First Bank Mini Statement

If you want to keep track of your account’s withdrawals and deposits, the First bank mini statement gives you the detailed information. Additionally, IDFC First Bank Mini Statements offer the following benefits:

  • Customers who do not have access to the internet can still use the service via missed calls or SMS banking
  • Customers do not need to wait and stand in long queue  
  • Instantly, can check latest five transactions in a simple and accurate manner


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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get My IDFC Mini Bank Statement?

It is easy and fast to get IDFC First mini bank statement from both online and offline banking services such as SMS, missed call, internet banking, mobile app and whatsapp banking.   

How To Download IDFC First Bank Mobile App To Check Bank Mini Statement ?

You can download the “First” Mobile app from Google Play or App store. First, search for IDFC First mobile app. Second, install and sign up from your username and password. 

How Much Time It Take To Receive Bank Mini Statement From SMS Service?

You get a response in matter of seconds. SMS are automatically generated through advance digital technology.

How Many Transactions Are There In IDFC First Bank Mini Statement?

The IDFC First bank mini statement shows recent five transactions you made from your account. 

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