How to Get Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker

The term “Auto clicker” refers to a software program that simulates mouse clicks. This is helpful if you frequently click on software using your mouse.

This is, however, primarily used in online games. If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably come across this handy little tool before.

Autoclicker is a program that automatically clicks the mouse at a high rate, allowing your character to move faster in-game and eliminate adversaries more quickly than ever before. To put it another way, an auto clicker is a program that replicates mouse clicking.

What is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker can be defined as a macro or software program that allows you to automate clicking the mouse and keyboard buttons.

As a result, users can easily offer input to the software, and the program will automatically respond by clicking on the screen.

In most cases, auto clicker programs are used by gamers or software testers to take a break from their fingers.

How to Get Auto Clicker?

Steps to get Auto Clicker:

Step 1: Download Auto Clicker

The first step is to download Auto Clicker from the official website. Auto Clicker download link

When you will click on the download option from the official website, an ogautoclicker.exe file will be downloaded in your system.

Double click on “ogautoclicker.exe” to run Auto Clicker.

image 240

Step 2: Run Auto Clicker

After downloading the ogautoclicker.exe file, double click on it to run Auto Clicker. A new window will open in your system as shown below:

image 241

Step 3: Configure Click Interval settings

The next step is to do Click Interval settings in an Auto Clicker tool.

You can set hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds between clicks by using the Click Interval option. By default, the click interval is set to 100 milliseconds.

image 242

Step 4: Configure Click options settings

Now from Click options settings, you can configure the type of click setting. It is set to “Left” by default, and “Single” by default for click type.

The mouse button can be changed to “right” and “middle”. The click type can be changed to “Double”.

image 243

Step 5: Configure Click repeat settings

In this step, you can configure the Click repeat settings. The default setting for the repetition of the click is “Repeat until stopped”.

The mode “Repeat until stopped” is infinite. Click “Repeat” and specify the number of repetitions if you want to define the number of clicks.

image 244

Step 6: Select the area and start the Auto Clicker tool

In this step, you can choose the area where you want to click. The default position of the cursor is “Current location”.

The cursor will auto-click in its current position. Alternatively, you can choose “Pick location” and enter the “X” and “Y” coordinates to automatically click at a particular location.

When you have finished adjusting the tool’s settings, click “Start” or “F6” to start the Auto Clicker tool.

image 245

General Features of Auto Clicker

  • Low CPU usage
  • Ad-free and malware-free
  • Select a particular spot to click on or follow your cursor
  • A portable application
  • Set the number of times to click
  • Open-source and free
  • Clean and convenient user interface
  • Specify the number of seconds, minutes, or hours between clicks
  • Choose from single, or double-clicking option

Points to consider before choosing Auto Clicker

A wide selection of auto clickers is available, but for a smooth experience, keep these features in mind:

  • Users should be able to interact with the interface easily
  • The product should be safe enough for use
  • There should be some advanced features in the auto clicker
  • It should be easy and simple to update the software
  • Find an auto clicker that is easy to install and uninstall

Is OP auto clicker a virus?

No, the OP Auto Clicker software is not a virus. Instead, OP AutoClicker is malware scanned to ensure that it is safe to download.

Can I trust OP Auto Clicker?

Yes, OP Auto Clicker has been downloaded and used by millions of people, so you can trust it. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy tool.

Is OP Auto Clicker safe?

Yes, OP Auto Clicker is completely safe to use. OP Auto Clicker is downloaded one million times every week.