How To Fix “Your Purchase Has Not Been Completed” On Steam

How to fix "Your purchase has not been Completed" on Steam

Are you encountering the frustrating message “your purchase has not been completed” while trying to make a purchase on Steam?

This issue can be a real obstacle to enjoying your favourite games.

Fortunately, there are several effective methods to resolve this problem and get back to gaming without further delay.

The error message read as “An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If you encounter this error repeatedly, please contact Steam Support.”

In this article, we will explore practical solutions to fix the “your purchase has not been completed” error on Steam, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free purchasing experience.

How To Fix “Your Purchase Has Not Been Completed” On Steam?

How To Fix Your Purchase Has Not Been Completed On Steam

To Fix “your purchase has not been completed on steam” you can check your internet connection, check and update Steam settings, and select the payment method. Additionally, you can check currency mismatches, remove unused PayPal accounts, use an alternative payment method, and relaunch Steam.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Begin by verifying that your internet connection is stable and that Steam’s servers are operational. A stable internet connection is crucial for completing purchases on Steam.

Here’s a simple guide to ensure your internet connection is up to the mark:

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To check your Internet speed:

  • Visit a speed test site like or
  • Click “Go” to measure your download and upload speeds.
  • For smooth gaming, aim for a download speed of 10-20 Mbps and a low ping (below 150 ms).

If you suspect your connection isn’t performing well, you can try resetting your modem or router.

  • Locate your modem or router.
  • Unplug the power cables.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Plug in the modem, switch it on, and wait for it to fully start.

2. Check And Update Steam Settings

Ensure that your Steam settings, including payment preferences, are configured correctly. Verify that there are no restrictions or settings preventing purchases, and update any relevant settings as needed. To do this,

  • Open the Steam application on your computer.
  • Navigate to the “Steam” menu and select “Settings” from the dropdown.
  • In the Settings window, review the “Account” tab to ensure that your payment and currency settings are accurate and up to date.
  • Check for any restrictions or preferences that may affect your ability to complete purchases.
  • If necessary, update your settings to reflect the correct currency and payment preferences.

3. Select The Payment Method

When making a purchase, double-check the payment method selected during the transaction. Confirm that the chosen payment method is valid and has sufficient funds or credit available.

  • When making a purchase on Steam, proceed to the checkout or payment screen.
  • Look for the option to select your payment method, which may appear as a dropdown menu or a list of available payment options.
  • Choose “PayPal” as your preferred payment method instead of “My PayPal Account.”
  • By selecting “PayPal,” you prompt Steam to re-authenticate and re-authorize your PayPal address, potentially resolving any payment-related issues.
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4. Check Currency Mismatch

One common reason for the error message is a currency mismatch between the funds in your Steam Wallet and the currency of the purchase.

Ensure that the currency of your Steam Wallet matches the currency of the purchase. To do this,

  • Access your Steam Wallet within the Steam application.
  • Verify that the currency in your Steam Wallet matches the currency of the purchase you intend to make.
  • If there is a currency mismatch, consider adding funds to your Steam Wallet in the appropriate currency or adjusting your purchase to align with the available currency.

5. Remove Unused PayPal Account

If you have multiple payment methods linked to your Steam account, consider removing any unused or outdated PayPal accounts.

This can streamline the payment process and prevent potential conflicts with payment methods.

6. Use An Alternative Payment Method

If the issue persists with a specific payment method, consider using an alternative payment method.

Steam accepts a wide range of payment options, including: Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal, Steam Wallet codes, Paysafecard, Giropay, Ideal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Yandex.Money.

7. Retry And Relaunch

Sometimes, simply retrying the purchase or relaunching the Steam application can resolve temporary glitches or errors that may have impeded the transaction.

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8. Contact Steam Support

Your Purchase Has Not Been Completed On Steam Support

 In cases where unexpected errors occur or if the issue persists, reaching out to Steam Support can be beneficial.

Steam Support can provide specific assistance tailored to your account and transaction.

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