Fix: Xbox Game Share Not Working

xbox game share not working

Xbox is a gaming console owned by Microsoft and was developed by them. It can be connected to any display media like television, desktop, etc.

It enhances the visuals and graphics of a game by providing the user with a realistic experience of the game. It includes Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc. 

Why Xbox Game Share Not Working?

Many Xbox users have been facing the issue of their game share not working, and it can happen because they might have ignored the criteria or restrictions that come up with this game share feature. 

Xbox game sharing is a feature that allows the Xbox users to share games, game libraries, live gold memberships, game pass, etc., with their friends.

This feature was developed for Xbox One, and now you can gameshare through Xbox One S and Xbox One X. You need Xbox One systems and your friend’s account, and then you can easily share games.

How To Fix Xbox Game Share Not Working?

Fix 1: Try Setting Up A Xbox Home Account

  • Press the Xbox button and go to profile and system.
  • Go to settings and then select the General tab.
  • Click on personalization and then select “My home Xbox”.
  • Then select “make this my home Xbox” and then set up your console as home Xbox.

Fix 2: Changing The Number Of Xbox Switches

You can game share your Xbox with only one person at a time. Also, you can change or switch your home account five times a year.

If you have reached that limit then you can go to help and assistance and might get lucky to again change your home account.

Fix 3: Signing In With Two Accounts

You need to make sure that while game sharing you are signed in to two accounts.

One account should be signed in from the console from where you are sharing games and the other account should be signed in from the other console.

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Can You No Longer Game Share On Xbox?

Yes, you can game share on Xbox, but the recent update and decision of Xbox does not support a shared game library.

But you will still be able to game share with your friends who have the Xbox One console and whose accounts you have access to.

Can You Get Banned For Game Sharing On Xbox One?

No, you cannot get banned for game sharing on Xbox because the feature is still available on the Xbox One.

But if the game that you are sharing with your friend is illegally downloaded, you may get banned by Xbox for sharing an illegally downloaded game.

Why Is Your Xbox One Not Showing Your Games?

This issue usually occurs while you are playing on your PC.

These games must be in the “My Library,” but if you are not able to see your downloaded games, then it may be because of the following reasons:

  • Your PC and Xbox console may not have been updated to the latest version.
  • There might be issues with your internet connection.
  • There might be a bug or glitch within your PC or your Xbox. 
  • You may not have logged in with the correct details of your Xbox account.

How Many Times Can You Do Gameshare On Xbox One?

You can do game sharing on Xbox One only with one of your friends at a time. Xbox One allows limited game sharing between two people at a time.

The number of times you can game share with your friends is unlimited, but the number of friends you want to game share with is limited to one. 

Xbox Game Share Can’t Play Game At Same Time

Xbox doesn’t allow you to game share and play games with your friend simultaneously at a single time. This is because you both need to be signed in for game sharing, and playing games will automatically sign you off from your accounts.

Therefore, you need to do the game sharing first, and then you can play the game with your friend.

Xbox One Game Sharing Games Not Showing Up

Your game-sharing games may ne be showing up on your Xbox One because the game might not have been shared or downloaded completely in any of the systems between you and your friend.

This may happen because of the bad network connection of any one of you. Your game sharing may not have been set up correctly, or there might be a glitch or bug within any of your Xbox One consoles.


Game sharing is one of the amazing features Xbox One provides as it allows you to share your games, game libraries, etc., with your friends.

But the limitation is that it allows doing so between only two people at a single time. Also, you may get banned from the Xbox if you are sharing an illegally downloaded game.

Moreover, you need to make sure that game sharing is working fine and all the limitations are taken care of.