How To Fix “Unable To Install Updates Error Code 10008” On Zoom

Are you getting the error code 10008 everytime you try to install Zoom on your device? Zoom is a great app through which you can hold video calls and video conferences with your friends and colleagues. But similar to other apps Zoom can also show error codes at times while you are using it. In this guide, we will be discussing all the reasons why you are getting the error code 10002 and the fixes that you can try to solve it.

Reasons Of “Unable To Install Updates Error Code 10008” On Zoom

When you see the error code 10008 in your Zoom application while trying to install it on your device it means that there are two files missing from your Zoom installer.

But when you are trying to install an app on your computer, it is necessary that all the parts of an installer remain intact.

The missing files will have the names given below.



It can happen that another software from your device has deleted them somehow. 

Sometimes it could be that your antivirus has deleted it by detecting that it is a harmful file. 

How To Fix “Unable To Install Updates Error Code 10008” On Zoom?

When you have encountered the error code 10008 in your device, the solution is to delete the Zoom folder on your computer and then again re-download Zoom and install it.

You should download the latest version of the Zoom app because Zoom always keeps updating its app.

So, go here and download the latest one for your device and install it after that. 

If you are sure that those files are getting deleted by your antivirus then you can disable it and then try to download and install Zoom on your device and that should work.

However, if you can not solve the issue even after doing that then please contact the Zoom Support team.

It is recommended by us that you take help from a professional in that case, as they would be able to correctly judge and solve the issue.