How To Fix There Was An Error Submitting Exit Counseling Please Try Again Later

FAFSA Exit Counseling is required by law when you leave school or drop below half-time enrolment and may be necessary to graduate. 

It will help you understand your responsibilities when repaying your federal student loans and recommend a repayment strategy that meets your goals.

As a student, when you want to apply for an educational loan, you need to complete the Exit Counseling session to understand the roles and responsibilities and Loan repayment details of FAFSA Exit Counseling.

Sometimes you cannot complete the FAFSA Exit Counseling , and you will see a message preventing you from submitting the Exit Counseling form. The message is:

“Exit Counseling: There was an error Submitting Exit Counseling, Please try again later.”

This article gives a handy guide on what to do when you get an error message while exiting the Counseling.

What Causes There Was An Error Submitting Exit Counseling Please Try Again Later

There Was An Error Submitting Exit Counseling Please Try Again Later

The FAFSA Error “There was an error submitting exit Counseling, Please try again latermeans the server interrupted, and you cannot complete the Exit Counseling because you might not entered or skip any of the required Information.

FAFSA Exit Counseling is required when student borrowers graduate, quit school, or drop below half-time enrolment. 

The error occurs mainly due to the interruption while communicating with the server, and the given request fails to receive an acknowledgement to complete the submission.

The instruction is either will be in video or text format. 

However, whatever the mode it may be, you must submit the FAFSA required details.

The error pops up when you submit the filled and presented online form.

The following are the possible reasons.

  • Something is wrong with your internet connection.
  • You might have entered the wrong information while starting your session
  • You might skip the check your knowledge quiz

How To Fix There Was An Error Submitting Exit Counseling Please Try Again Later

First, ensure you have stable internet connectivity.

You can check the Internet by opening any video streaming application and check whether the video is loading without interruption.

If you have an Internet error, reset your Router or switch to another network, such as mobile data will fix the issue.

Before getting into the Troubleshooting process, check you have entered the Correct PIN and college Information.

Your application will be rejected if you don’t use the correct PIN.

1. Log Out And Login Back Into Your Exit Counseling Form

The primary step is to log out and back into your portal to complete the Exit Counseling form.

If your form was saved during the previous editing, don’t jump right to the saved document.

Start from the first form, click on the next one by one and complete it fully to Exit Counseling.

Now you can complete and Exit Counseling form successfully.

2. Try Submitting Exit FAFSA Counseling Form After Some Time

If the message appears again, as stated in the error message, try to complete your FAFSA Exit Counseling form after some time.

There might be an issue with the server due to heavy traffic simultaneously. 

Due to many requests, there will be confusion during the process and causing technical glitches. 

Trying after some time will help you to complete the session successfully.

3. Check Your Input Data In FAFSA Exit Counseling

Double-check whether you have entered all information correctly if it is a FAFSA Exit Counselling form with an Input field. Sometimes the error occurs if you miss or enter the wrong information.

You may not list the same person as your Next of Kin and a Reference.

After all the correction and try again.

Now, you can complete your Exit Counseling session efficiently.

4. Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing your Browser cache will help you refresh the page and Complete the session without interruption.

  • Press Ctr+H from Your keyboard>> Choose to Clear your browser history from the left sidebar>> Check cached image file >> Click on the Clear data button.

Restart your application, start the FAFSA Exit Counseling session, and try completing the application.

Now you can be able to complete the request.

If you still have the issue, try switching the browser. 

6.  Try The PDF Version Of Exit Counseling

If you are unable to FAFSA Exit Counseling sessions online.

Then look for the PDF version in the respective bank portal.

You can manually go through the Counseling instruction for future loan requests.

Download and complete the form and submit it back to the Back portal.

7. Try Submitting The FAFSA Exit Counseling From After Sometime

If none of the above method works, then try after two hours.

You may try completing the Exit Counseling in the morning like 6 or 7AM because the site will have low traffic during this time and you can successfully complete the FAFSA Exit Counseling process.

To know more about the Privacy of FAFSA Exit Counseling check the link here.

I hope you found this helpful post and that you resolved the issue: There was an error submitting Exit Counseling . Please try again later.

Finally, you successfully submitted your activity without encountering any technical issues.

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