Fix: Sweatcoin Not Counting Steps

Sweatcoin steps

With Sweatcoin, a new kind of step counter and activity tracker, you can turn your steps into money to buy equipment for sports and fitness, services, and experiences.

Sweatcoin tracks your steps and uses their verification technology to validate them.

Your steps are exchanged into sweatcoins. 

These sweatcoins can then be used in the app’s “spend” section for purchases.

Sweatcoin will monitor your steps as a pacer and distance tracker in the background while using zero power.

However, some users facing issue with Sweatcoin app as Sweatcoin is not counting steps for them.

As lot of users saying they are loosing lots of steps as they are not counting for Sweatcoins.

In this article we will discuss why Sweatcoin not counting steps and how does sweatcoin count steps.

Why Sweatcoin Not Counting Steps?

If Sweatcoin is not counting steps because When you hold your phone in your hand while walking, you shake your hand.

So, Sweatcoin app algorithm thinking that you’re trying to cheat your way to earning more Sweatcoins than you deserve.

So, Put your phone in the pockets of your hoodie or side pockets when you’re walking, jogging, or cycling.

Also, If you are going too fast or you are good runner then Sweatcoin app algorithm can assume that you are cheating to earn more Sweatcoin.

So, Go bit slower in starting to prevent this.

How Does Sweatcoin Count Steps?

The verification system is in place to make certain that each and every Sweatcoin was acquired via effort and movement.

Otherwise Users could be able to manipulate the system, by doing actions like shaking their phone or using the app while driving, for example.

When you take 1000 steps then Swetcoin app will count them .95 sweatcoins.

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Each sweatcoin issued entails a little 5% commission fee. This enables Sweatcoin team to keep the lights on and keep offering Sweatcoin to everyone.

In order to verify that the steps are genuine, our program examines the data points immediately recorded by your phone, comparing them to other information such as location, speed, consistency of movement, direction, acceleration, etc.

Does Sweatcoin Track Indoor Steps?

Yes, Sweatcoin track indoor steps. Sweatcoin algorithm count both indoor and outdoor steps.

Once configured, Sweatcoin tracks your indoor and outdoor steps by using the device’s accelerometer and GPS location.

Make sure you device is compatible with Sweatcoin app.

How To Fix Sweatcoin Not Counting Steps?

Fix 1: Keep Your Phone In Pockets

When you hold your phone in your hand while walking, you shake your hand.

So, Sweatcoin app algorithm can think that you are just keep your hands not actually running or jogging.

So, Put your phone in the pockets of your hoodie or side pockets when you’re walking, jogging, or cycling.

After that Sweatcoin will count steps properly.

Fix 2: Go Bit Slower In Starting

If you are a fast runner or going bit fast then Sweatcoin app can think that you are cheating with its algorithm.

So, in this case Sweatcoin algorithm might not count some steps for sweatcoins.

To fix this, in starting you should keep slower then gradually increase your speed.

Fix 3: Don’t Play With Time & Date Settings

Have you recently updated the time and date?

Please be sure to adjust your time and date settings to automatic before reinstalling  Sweatcoin app since this might mess with their algorithm.

Make sure you haven’t changed the time or date settings on your device; this will break their algorithm.

Things should return to normal in a few days at most if you just reinstall the app after changing the time and date.

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Fix 4: Update Sweatcoin App To Latest Version

To Fix Sweatcoin not counting steps issue, update Sweatcoin app with latest version because Sometime old version not work perfectly.

If your Sweatcoin app version is outdated then it may not work properly. 

Also updating the Sweatcoin app to latest version will fix all previous bug in the app which were known to Sweatcoin support team.

You can also do an auto update of the app if you want, that will keep your app updated always with latest version and bug free.

For Android users, Update Sweatcoin app from google play store.

For iPhone users, Update Sweatcoin app from App Store.

Fix 5: Disable Battery Saving Mode

Make sure nothing is being affected by “Low Power Mode.”

Low Power Mode is OK, however if you do, make sure you open Sweatcoin at least once every 12 hours.

For Android users, Go to settings >> Search for Sweatcoin app >> Toggle OFF Battery Saver mode if it is Toggle ON.

For iPhone users, Go to settings >> Battery >> Low Power Mode >> Toggle OFF if it is Toggle ON.

Note: Available screens, settings or steps may vary by software version, and phone model.

Fix 6: Make Sure To Open Sweatcoin App Once Every 12 Hours

Always make sure you open Sweatcoin app at least for once every 12 hours.

If you open more than once, Its good.

Because sometimes Sweatcoin app may not count steps, Something might be interfering with algorithm.

Fix 7: Check Compatibility Of Your Device With Sweatcoin App

If Sweatcoin app not counting steps in your device, then first check compatibility of your device with Sweatcoin app. 

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If your device is not compatible with the Sweatcoin app then use another device which is compatible with Sweatcoin app, Sweatcoin app will work fine and the issue will be resolved.

Like iPhone 6 or older not compatible with Sweatcoin app.

Fix 8: Enable Background App Refresh For Sweatcoin

Make sure the Sweatcoin app “Background App” Refresh is ON on your iPhone by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Background App Refresh” > scrolling to it.

Even if it’s on, turn it off and back ON again—this strangely occasionally works!

Fix 9: Deactivate Your Pedometer In Your Device

If you are a android user then Turn off your pedometer on the device.

For Turn Off pedometer, Go to the home screen >> choose Preferences >> Settings and Privacy >> Screen Lock, and Passwords, and then Disable pedometer.

Fix 10: Contact Sweatcoin Support Team

After performing the above fixes, if Sweatcoin app still not counting steps then contact Sweatcoin support team.

Explain your issue properly to Sweatcoin support team. After that follow the Sweatcoin team instruction.

They will help you to fix your Sweatcoin app related issue.

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To Fix Sweatcoins not counting steps issue, make sure your device is in your pocket during jogging or running, Battery saver mode is disabled and Sweatcoin app is updated to latest version. This will fix your issue and steps will be counting for sweatcoins properly.

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