How To Fix “Support Code SS06” On Snapchat

How To Fix Support Code SS06 On Snapchat

Are you getting “Support code SS06” error on Snapchat?

As many peoples reported that they are not able to login into Snapchat.

When they are trying to login into Snapchat getting “Support code SS06” error.

The full error is “due to repeated attempts or other suspicious activity, your access to snapchat has been temporarily disabled, Support Code: SS06″.

In this guide we will discuss why are getting Support code SS06 on Snapchat and how to fix it.

What Is Support Code SS06 On Snapchat?

Snapchat Support Code SS06 is an error that appears when Snapchat detects suspicious activity on your account or when someone has entered the wrong password multiple times.

As a security measure, Snapchat temporarily disables access to the account to protect it from unauthorized access.

Why Are You Getting “Support Code SS06” Error On Snapchat During Login?

Support Code SS06 Snapchat

How To Fix “Support Code SS06” On Snapchat?

If you are getting Support Code SS06 on Snapchat, it means that your access to the Snapchat account has been temporarily disabled.

Now, First you have to wait for few hours to few days to again login into your Snapchat account.

After that if still not able to login then you need to contact the Snapchat support team for help to resolve the issue and regaining access to your account.

Steps to contact Snapchat Support Team:

Step 1: Go to the link to submit ticket:

Step 2: Now, Tap on “I can’t access my account”

Step 3: Select “I see an error message when I log in

Step 1 contact Snapchat Support

Step 4: After that, Snapchat ask you “Still need help” then Tap on “YES

Step 2 contact Snapchat Support

Step 5: Now, A form will open and fill details in form, describe your issue properly.

Step 3 contact Snapchat Support

Step 6: Finally Tap on Submit button.

Now, You will get confirmation email that your ticket is created.

Now follow instruction and steps mentioned by Snapchat team.