Fix: Steam Gift Card Not Working

Steam Gift Card

Steam has released its gift card range that certificates that you can gift your loved ones.

The gift card This may be used on Steam to buy video games, applications, gadgets, and just about any other thing that is available for order there.

You may now make a personal online contribution to a friend’s or relative’s Steam account.

Now is the time to sign in to your Steam account, choose a Steam Buddy, and enter the desired gift value.

However, there are times when you have your gift card but sometimes you have a problem either encashing it or using it online.

This article will help you understand the reason why the steam card might not be working and the steps to get this error fixed.

Why Is Steam Gift Card Not Working?

The reason your steam card might not be working can be:

  1. You entered the wrong code for redemption
  2. The code is not activated when you try redeeming it.
  3. The steam gift card is not reflecting the gift certificate due to the card not being updated.
  4. There is a regional problem while redeeming the gift card.

These are the primary reasons why your steam card is not working or redeeming the gift certificate you received.

However, these are not the only reasons there can be other reasons 

How To Fix “Steam Gift Card Not Working“?

This is a very common error encountered by the majority of users. To fix the steam card if it is not working follow the below-given methods.

Method 1: Check The Invalid Code

The redemption code is given with the gift card.

The redemption code should be typed properly as it is sensitive to the font case you use and the card will not be redeemed till you enter the incorrect code.

The user should check that they are not making mistakes like confusing the letter O with numerical digit 0 or letter I with numerical digit 1. 

So, make sure you double-check the code for redemption for your gift card.

Method 2: Check The Validity Of Your Card

The gift card will not work if the currency that is used in the gift card is not valid in the region you are using the gift card.

Verify the regional tag by looking at the product’s description. This should state what area it is intended for. Users cannot utilize it anywhere else.

Therefore, verify that you have received the correct code for the area. 

Method 3: Refresh The Account Method

After you use your gift card redemption code the account often updates the balance of your account.

However, even when the balance is updated the account may not reflect the balance immediately it takes some time.

In order to verify that the amount is now reflected, sign off your Steam session, after which simply login.

Method 4: Choosing Specific Product

When you have a gift card you must check what products this card applies to.

This means that your card may not work if you do not apply it to the correct product.

So please check the product to apply for the gift card.

Method 5: Contact Steam Customer Support

Consult the Steam Customer Support department when none of the other fixes provided work for you.

Submit a picture of the problem and include any relevant information.

Sit tight until the customer service department responds and resolves the issue.

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Why Is Your Steam Card Invalid?

The error of an invalid steam card appears when the user tries to use the card and the reason for such error can be:

1. The Gift Card Has Not Been Activated

The gift card is procedurally scanned and then activated so that the user may activate it. Sometimes you may have to take the card to the retailer to get it activated.

2. Wrong Codes For Activation

The user may sometimes enter the wrong codes to activate the card.

The numbers and letters may have similar fonts which may result in confusion.

To clear this up you need to double-check the letters and numbers before entering.

3. Regional Issues

It might crash if the money of the card you are redeeming differed from where you are right now.

For instance, if you are currently in the United States, then the user should activate its Steam gift card there, as doing so will prevent you from facing the regional issue anywhere else.


Steam Card makes a very thoughtful present for the gamers who are practically living in the game world.

However, these gift cards have encountered certain issues while getting activated. 

This article has provided a brief of the steam gift card not working issue you may encounter along with the reasons behind it.

Now you can look for the easy fixes provided above to help overcome steam gift card not working. 

However, if the methods mentioned above didn’t help you fix steam gift card not working issue, contact the support team and they will guide you with the whole process.