How To Fix Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug

Are you having trouble trying to complete the Sabotage Mission when you are playing Starfield?

Many players have reported recently that they aren’t able to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield. This can be a hassle when you are trying to enjoy the game as you want.

We understand your frustration and that is why we are here to help you solve this issue!

Starfield is a role-playing action-packed game that is published by Bethesda which is an original setting after the Elder Scrolls.

However, being a new game it has problems and issues that can confuse and frustrate its players.

In this article, we will be looking at the reasons why you aren’t able to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield and how you can fix that issue easily!

What Is Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug?

Fix Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug

The reason why you aren’t able to complete the Sabotage mission in your Starfield is due to a bug that is going around in the system of Starfield.

Multiple players have encountered this error while going through quests and trying to complete it.

The developers of Starfield have yet to release a patch that will be able to address this issue. However, there are a few fixes that you can try in the meantime before the patch comes out to fix this issue.

Below we have discussed more about these fixes in our guide.

How To Fix Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug?

To fix the issue of the Starfield Sabotage Mission you can scan the door, use the console command, untrack and retrack the mission, level up your stealth, use a silenced weapon, load the previously saved file, update Starfield, verify game files and restart Starfield.

Below we have discussed these fixes extensively for your understanding. 

1. Scan The Door

The first thing that you need to do is to scan the door while completing the mission. The door will activate itself when you scan it and you will be able to carry on with your Sabotage mission in Starfield.

2. Untrack And Retrack The Mission

Another fix that you can try is to untrack the Savbitage mission and then wait for a few minutes. After this track, the Sabotage Mission again and try to do the quest.

Many players have found this to solve the bug issue that they were having so you can also try that.

3. Use The Correct Steps For Completing The Mission

Do the quest in the correct way and make sure you are not doing any useless process.

  • Using the scanner you will have to use manipulate on Demarcus. Retry if the attempt failed. 
  • Target the keycard on the bench next to him and let him pick it up. 
  • While still manipulating him, target the door itself using the ‘unlock’ command.

4. Level Up Your Stealth Skill

Make sure that your Stealth skill is high before you attempt to complete the sabotage mission.

As the sabotage mission requires quite a high level of stealth skill, in case you do not have it then it might be impossible for you to complete the mission.

You should leave the mission for now and level up your stealth skill before attempting again.

If you are wearing armour or helmet or other accessories while doing the mission then it is advised that you remove them and attempt the mission in your normal street clothes as armour hinders your stealth from activating properly.

5. Use Silenced Weapons

Another fix that you can try in case you face a bug in the Sabotage mission is to use silenced weapons to take out the enemy.

You can use them yto destroy the enemy turrets before they can fire you and then progress with the mission.

6. Use Console Command

use console command to fix the bug in sabotage mission in starfield

As an alternative fix, you can use the Console command, TCL and walk to David when you can’t find him. He is under the map for some reason.

If none of the above fixes helps you or you cannot find David absolutely anywhere then using the console Command will be your best bet.

7. Load Saved File

The next fix that you can try is to load the saved file from before you got the bug and now try to play again and see whether you are getting the sabotage mission bug.

Many players have reported that after loading a previously saved file they were able to complete the mission without getting the bug.

The only downside of this is that you will be losing hours of progress.

8. Update Starfield

Check to see whether there are any updates available for Starfield on the Steam page or from where you have downloaded it in your Console.

This bug problem in the Sabotage mission in Starfield is well-known among the player base so the chances are the developers are working on a patch to fix this issue.

Keep on checking for an update and install it as soon as it is available and you will be able to complete the sabotage mission on Starfield without getting any issues.

You might have to be a bit patient and wait till the developers release the patch to fix this issue.

9. Restart Starfield

As an alternative fix, you can exit the game and then restart it after some time has passed when you are unable to fix the bug in Starfield.

If the game had glitched somehow or you aren’t able to complete the mission due to some bug in the game itself then doing a restart after closing the game should solve the issue.

10. Verify Starfield Game Files

Make sure to verify the game files for Starfield when you are facing the issue of the bug in the Sabotage mission. You can easily do that from the Steam launcher where you have the game.

  • Go to the Steam library.
  • Right-click on Starfield.
  • Select Properties from the options available. 
  • Go to the Local Files tab.
  • Select Verify integrity of game cache option to verify the files.

11. Contact The Support Team Of Bethesda

Contact Bethesda Support to fix Sabotage Mission bug

You should be able to fix the sabotage bug now without having any issues after going through all the fixes above. 

However, if you are still unable to do so then please contact the Support Team of Bethesda and get help from them.