How To Fix Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug

Are you encountering a bug on Starfield’s Hostile Intelligence?

Are you unable to get Kaiser through the big abandoned factory door?

Hostile Intelligence, with its engrossing and engaging gameplay, aims to give a superb experience in the universe of Starfield.

Once you complete the Hostile Intelligence quest, you will be rewarded with about 350 exp and 12000 credit points!

The primary goal of the Hostile Intelligence quest is to obtain Terrormorph samples by completing missions such as following Kaiser, clearing the processing plant, reporting to commander Hatoum at forward base 441 on Toliman II, etc.

However, users have reported that they have encountered some bugs on this quest such as not being able to get Kaiser through the huge door.

If you are encountering the same bug as well, this article will help you understand why this may be happening and what steps you can take to move forward in your quest.

How to fix hostile intelligence bug on starfield

What Is Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug?

Several gamers have reported a bug in the abandoned factory door being inaccessible after the fight in Starfield’s Hostile Intelligence quest.

When users tried to get Kaiser through the door, they were unable to do so and got stuck completely.

This bug in Starfield’s Hostile Intelligence makes it impossible for people to complete and fulfill their quest objectives and move forward in the game as they get stuck in one spot near the door.

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Many gamers have been discussing this issue over different social media forums and reported this to the developers of the Starfield game, Bethesda Game Studio.

However, there is no official update from Bethesda regarding the bug and its fix.

Players and gamers have been helping each other with different types of ways to work around the quest to move forward in the game.

what is starfield hostile intelligence bug

How To Fix Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug?

The developers of the Starfield game, Bethesda Game Studio, have not provided any official update or announcement regarding the bug or its fix.

However, users and players all over the globe have shared a few fixes that worked for them and helped them to move forward in the game.

1. Discover The Processing Plant Along The Ridge

A user shared on a forum that going up on the ridge above the door and keep on moving along the ridge until you “discover” the Processing Plant fixed the bug for him.

go over the ridge to fix hostile intelligence bug on starfield

Once you’re up on the ridge, you can look down into a little area that has some terrormorph-controlled animals.

On one end is a building complex (the Processing Plant).

Keep moving toward that until you get the pop-up on your screen that says you’ve discovered the place.

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Once you discover the Processing Plant, head back to the mission door and it should now be debugged.

2. Fast Travel To Forward Base 441

For another user, fast travel and going back to Forward Base 441 fixed the issue.

After fast travelling to Forward Base 441, just walk back to the Processing Plant.

The missing dialogue seems to have been the issue.

As soon as you walk through the door connecting the wall, it refreshes the quest objective.

3. Reload A Previous Save

Try reloading one of your earlier saves.

Navigate to the Save option in the menu.

You can then create a manual save file that you can reload whenever you want.

After reloading the auto-save try passing through the door again to finish the quest.

Restart the quest once it’s loaded to check if the problems persist.

If so, proceed to the next method.

You should also make a local backup of your saved files.

You will not be concerned about lost or damaged files later on this way.

4. Update Starfield Game

update starfield on steam to fix hostile intelligence bug

If you play Starfield on your PC, you can update it through the Steam site.

To update Starfield on PC you can visit Steam, go to the Starfield page, and then install any updates available there.

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The Starfield game can be played on Xbox consoles.

Xbox consoles also manage game updates through the system software.

Follow these steps to check for updates and install them:

  • First, make sure your Xbox is connected to the internet.
  • Highlight the “Starfield” game tile on your home screen.
  • Press the “Menu” button on your controller and select “Manage game & add-ons.”
  • From there, you can check for updates and install them if available.

4. Contact The Bethesda Support Team

contact bethesda support team to fix bugs on starfield

Contact the Bethesda support team to report the Hostile Intelligence bug on Starfield.

You can also reach out to them on their social media handles to highlight the issues and bugs to their notice.

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