How To Fix Star Citizen Global Chat Not Working

Have you been facing issues with the Global Chat function on Star Citizen? Is it not working for you as well?

Star Citizen is a multiplayer video game for Microsoft Windows being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, led by Chris Roberts.

The video game has four different modes, known as modules, that can be played by the user, which brings together various genres like first-person shooter, space simulator, and massively multiplayer online (MMO).

As an MMO, the Global Chat function is integral to user experience and gameplay.

As such, problems with its functioning may cause bigger issues when playing Star Citizen.

Read on to see why this is happening, and how it can be fixed.

Why Is Star Citizen Global Chat Not Working?

Issues with Global Chat in Star Citizen seem to be a recurring problem for gamers.

It is usually easily fixed on its own, but sometimes it might need more effort to troubleshoot.

Here are some potential causes for your Star Citizen Global Chat not functioning properly.

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1. Technical Error In Star Citizen

The current version of the game that you have might have some bugs that are affecting your gameplay.

This is a high possibility since the video game is still in its development phase.

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Such bugs may have caused issues with the Global Chat feature, making communication via chat a frustrating ordeal.

2. Weak Internet Connection

A weak internet connection may be the root of the problem since a bad ping might be causing problems with loading Global Chat on Star Citizen.

This could also lead to other issues in gameplay, such as low audiovisual quality and lags.

3. Server Outages In Star Citizen

There may be issues with the specific server that you are currently in.

Server problems may have been the reason why Global Chat in Star Citizen is not working properly.

However, this is something that could be easily resolved.

How To Fix Star Citizen Global Chat Not Working?

1. Restart The Game

To fix the issue with Global Chat on Star Citizen, you can always try restarting the game.

If it is a temporary bug, this would get rid of it. This is because by restarting the game, you are clearing the temporary cache and any bugs that may have been causing errors with using Global Chat.

Once you start the game again, you will be able to resume as normal and use the Global Chat feature easily.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

To figure out if your internet connection is the issue, you can carry out a speed test to check how fast your ping is.

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Follow the given steps to test your internet connection’s speed:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “GO” button on your screen.
  3. Wait for the site to give you a report.
  4. Your ping rate will be shown next to the yellow arrows.
Internet connection speed test Star Citizen Global Chat not working

For playing video games, a ping rate that is 50 ms or under will provide the best experience. Remember: the lower the ping, the better the play.

If your internet connection has a higher ping, it will lead to problems with gameplay.

If this is the case, then it would be best to switch over to a different connection for better performance.

3. Change Your Character

A useful hack that users have discovered to tackle errors with Global Chat on Star Citizen is to change something on your character.

It can be anything, as long as you change something about it. This seems to somehow resolve the issue of Global Chat not working.

4. Update The Game

If the issue is still persistent and you still have not gotten your Global Chat feature to work, it might be best to update the game to the latest version.

A bug may be the cause of the issue, and an update would ensure that this is dealt with.

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It is important to always keep Star Citizen updated to the latest version so that you have the best experience when playing the game.

Developers often release new updates that tackle most bugs that were encountered by players in previous versions.

This simple step of updating may easily resolve the issue.

5. Report The Issue

If none of these previous methods has worked for you, it is best to notify the Issue Council about the problem so that the developers can effectively handle this via server maintenance or a new update to the game.

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