How To Fix Roblox WASD Not Working

How To Fix Roblox WASD Not Working

Is WASD Key not working, or have the Arrow and WASD keys switched functions in your Roblox?

Four keyboard keys interact with video games where W and S control forward and backward movement, while A and D are left and right.  

However, the WASD and arrow keys occasionally switch inadvertently or permanently on a keyboard.

 It might annoy players when the keys suddenly change in the middle of a game and have to be swapped again. Let’s look at how to fix WASD keys that have suddenly become arrow keys and why this happens.

Why Are Roblox WASD Keys Not Working?

WASD is not working in Roblox 1

Roblox WASD Not Working means you might have enabled the Discord overlay settings, or there might be an issue with your Keyboard, or the WASD and Arrow keys swapped.

Other possible reasons include:

  • An issue with the system of Roblox or Discord.
  • Sometimes, the Keyboard doesn’t respond if it hits multiple times 
  • The Keys may not function properly
  • The keyboard key control setting might have changed in the game
  • You might have accidentally activated one of the Keyboard’s inbuilt hot-key combos 

How To Fix Roblox WASD Not Working?

Before getting into the fix, first, check your Keyboard’s working status.

  • Open Notepad, type the WASD in the text editor and confirm that it works fine.
  • Remove the keyboard connection from your PC, wait 2 minutes, and re-plug it again.
  • If it doesn’t work, try with alternative ports on the PC.
  • Still facing the issue, Relaunch your Roblox game and Discord.

This way, you’ll know if it’s a problem with the Keyboard or the game.

Still, if the error persists, then follow the troubleshooting methods below.

1. Change The Keyboard Layout In Your System

ROBLOX does not currently support a Canadian keyboard since the layout differs from the US. 

To change this, visit the settings menu, click “Language,” and select “English US.”

2. Press The “Fn+W” Key From The Keyboard

If the issue priests, then try with the function key in the Keyboard.

Hold down the Fn key, usually on the right side of the space bar, and press W while holding it.

It will fix the issue most of the time. If it doesn’t work, try the following key combinations by following the same above method

  • Fn + Esc.
  • Fn + Left Arrow key.
  • Fn + Windows key (on compatible keyboards).
  • Press Back slash Alone “\.”

3. Disable Game Overlay Setting In Discord 

WASD is not working in game overlay

The Keys are not working because of the Discord overlay, so check the Discord Overlay setting.

  • Open Discord >> Click on the Gear Icon next to the user profile >> Go to App settings >> Click on Overlay >> Toggle off Enable in Game overlay.
  • Navigate out of this window and Close the discord
  • Relaunch the discord and game.

It will resolve Discord’s UI glitches most of the time, the key will start functioning properly.

4. Check Roblox Game Setting

WASD is not working in MOVEMENT MODE

The Roblox setting might be changed knowingly or unknowingly and cause the WASD not working error.

So Check your Roblox movement settings 

  • Go ahead and click on the Settings option on Roblox
  • Go to Movement Mode and set it to the default keyboard.
  • Try updating your Keyboard drive if it is already in the default keyboard.

If this did not work, then the best option would be to reinstall the Roblox player

5. Update The Keyboard Drive

Your Keyboard drive may not be current, so the error shows.

  • Type Device Manager in the Windows search bar
  • Expand the Keyboard and Right click on PS/2 Standard Keyboard 
  • Click on Update driver from the context menu
  • Follow on-screen instructions to update the driver automatically.

Restart your PC and Relaunch your game to see if the error is gone.

6. Reinstall The Roblox Game

If the error persists, reinstall the Roblox game.

  • Reinstalling the game will fix the UI and unwanted technical glitches in the ROBOLOX.
  • Type Add or Remove program in the search bar and Click On it
  • Find and locate the Roblox game and Uninstall it.
  • Now download the Roblox game.
  • Right-click to Run as Administrator and install the game.
  • Now Launch the Roblox game and you can see the WASD keys working fine.

Following the above method will fix the issue, and you can launch your Roblox Game to get a seamless experience.