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It’s undeniable how extremely popular Roblox is as a gaming platform. It has one of the best and a really friendly customer interface.

But, sometimes it leaves a bad aftertaste because of its peculiar error messages, one of which is “you have been kicked out due to unexpected client behaviour” or error code 268.. 

In this article, we will discuss why error code 268 occurred on Roblox and how to fix it.

What Does Error Code 268 Mean On Roblox?

Error Code 268 simply means that you are playing with the help of an exploit.

“You have been kicked out due to unexpected client behaviour” error same as error code 268.

Also called the error code 268, the Roblox error “you have been kicked out due to unexpected client behavior” pops up when you are suddenly not allowed to access the Roblox application.

You are denied login to the Roblox application over and over again.

The error hinders the seamless user experience that Roblox usually presents its users with.

Why Error Code 268 Occurred On Roblox?

Error Code 268 pops up often when gamers try to trick the platform using cheat engines to easily get their hands on exclusive opportunities in the platform which aren’t usually achievable.

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Error Code 268 error might also pop up if your server is not functioning properly. There are also other reasons why it might occur- 

  • Existence of Third-party apps: Roblox shares bad blood with most third-party apps like VPNs and Antiviruses. It is best to uninstall them to avoid this error.
  • Roblox Game file is damaged/corrupted

How To Fix Error Code 268 On Roblox?

There are several ways to eliminate this error-

Fix 1: Delete 3 Specific Files From Your Device

 A basic way to get rid of this error is to delete three files- “AnalysticsSettings”, “frm.cfg”, and “GlobalBasicSettings_13” from your desktop’s App Folder. 

  • Type “%appdata%” on your device’s search bar and hit enter.
  • A page opens up. Select the “AppData” folder.
  • Click on the “local” folder, and then click on the “Games” folder.
  • files specified above will pop up on the screen. Delete them.
  • Re-launch Roblox and check whether the issue has been solved.

Fix 2: Uninstall Roblox And Then Reinstall It Again

Re-installing the app removes all its cache files and helps you to start on a new note, thus the problem can be solved too.

So, you need to uninstall the Roblox application and then install it again. Open the application and check if this works for you.

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Fix 3: Check Stable Internet Connection

Your weak internet connection might be at fault here. Check whether it is working properly.

If it is not working properly, try switching the network and then again check if you are able to play the game or not.

Fix 4: Delete Third-Party Apps From Your Device

Roblox doesn’t share a warm partnership with third-party apps like antiviruses and VPNs.

To get rid of the error, consider deleting them permanently from your device.

You can also choose to disable your antivirus while using Roblox-

  • Click on “Antivirus” in your device’s system tray and then select the “disable” option.
  • Launch the “run Dialog box”. In its text box, type “windows defender” and hit enter.
  • Tap on “Virus and Threat protection”.
  • Click on the “Manage settings” hyperlink under the above option.
  • Disable the “Firewall and Network protection” toggle. 

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To fix Roblox Error Code 268, Delete “AnalysticsSettings”, “frm.cfg”, and “GlobalBasicSettings_13” files. This will fix your issue and the error will be resolved.

The “you have been kicked out due to unexpected client behavior” error is a frustrating problem as it interrupts your gaming experience.

But, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Try any of these solutions and you will be back to enjoying the Roblox app.

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