How To Fix “Rate Exceeded” Error On

Are you seeing the “Rate exceeded” error in 

If so then you have come to the right place because here we will be showing you exactly how you can easily solve this error. is one of the latest AI models developed by LaMDA, Noam Shazeer, and Daniel De Freitas.

It is a  neural language model chatbot web application that can generate human-like text responses and participate in contextual conversation with humans.

In this extensive guide we will be discussing why rate exceeded error occurs in and how you can fix it.

What Does “Rate Exceeded” Mean On

Rate Exceeded Error Character

When you are seeing the rate exceeded error in then that means is having a server outage or going through scheduled maintenance. can also have a bug or a glitch in its system due to which you might be facing the rate exceeded error.

How To Fix The “Rate Exceeded” Error On

In this section, we will be looking at the fixes that you can try to fix the rate exceeded error in

1. Check Server Status is still under development, thus it’s likely that there is a server outage right now.

Server maintenance and failures occur regularly for software that is still under development.

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Make sure the server is active before attempting to use your character because requires the server to be online for functioning properly.

2. Restart Or Refresh

It’s possible that a problem caused to stop responding to commands.

Given that is only accessible in the beta edition, this possibility is conceivable.

Please log out and close

Reopen after a brief delay, login, and check to see whether using the Character is giving you any issues.

3. Contact Support Team

After attempting each solution in this section, you ought to be able to resolve the problem with your character not being available.

However, if you continue to encounter this problem, kindly inform the Support Team of the situation.

They can advise you on how to deal with this.

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